Last month saw us kick-start our arts and cultural program. Headed by Cal, our Lifestyle Co-ordinator, Merrimac Park is striving to build a relationship with the cultural endeavours of Gold Coast City Council including the Art Gallery and Bleach Festival as well as get involved in initiatives such as the Swell Sculpture Festival.

Through exposing our residents to arts and culture on the Gold Coast we are aiming to enrich their lives with new experiences and help them embrace their creative sides.

The initiative will see us make regular visits to exhibitions, getting involved in various workshops including painting and pottery and meeting respected artists.

Our first visit to Gold Coast City Gallery included a guided tour by Education Officer Jodi. She showed us around the existing permanent exhibition as well as the Gold and Greenstone exhibition.

The residents found Jodi to be very passionate and she definitely had the attention of the room! The permanent collection houses a beautiful display of contemporary art which included 2-dimensional hanging works along with works by Rosemary Laing and John Dhalsen.

Our residents particularly enjoyed visiting the Gold and Greenstone exhibition which explored the stories and creative practices of New Zealand Maori living on the Gold Coast, points of engagement and the two cultures colliding and intertwining.

We are looking forward to coming back for a visit next month to view the quilting exhibition.