Last month our residents visited Mexico! Well, sort of… Mexico came to us. We celebrated a fun and colourful Mexican themed day at Stanford.

The scene was set with the activities’ room decorated with bright and colourful bunting and a huge colourful kite. The tables were beautifully presented with the centre pieces being cactus plants and tambourines.

For lunch we sampled some delicious tacos with the residents revelling in the fun of choosing the ingredients for their own taco.

With Mexican themed music playing in the background throughout lunch, our staff and volunteers jumped up and danced to The Mexican Hat Dance and the Macarena.

We all learnt a little bit about Mexico that day with a fun Quiz – for example did you know that most red food colouring is made from the Mexican Cochineal insect or that the main ingredient in the Mexican beer Pulque is Cactus? Neither did our residents, with lots exclaimed ewww at the thought of eating insects and some commenting that it’s no wonder they didn’t like beer!