Some important facts to know about Superior Care Group’s quality of care:

  1. Our staffing ratio is approved by the CEO and aligns with the median industry benchmark.  This benchmark whilst being financially sustainable meets our resident care needs.
  2. All resident meals are cooked fresh on-site in our commercial kitchens, overseen by each site’s Head of Hotel Services (Sarina and Toni).
  3. All resident meals are developed according to a dietician-approved 4 week menu and in consultation with regular resident feedback.  Management also regularly eat meals to ensure quality and consistency.
  4. Both SCG services have 24 hour Registered Nurse staffing on-site.
  5. Resident care needs are reviewed in the clinical team’s weekly care meeting.
  6. SCG promotes the Open Door Policy, which states any staff or family member has the right to speak to the CEO if they cannot resolve their concern by first speaking with the Centre Manager.

Superior Care Group is family owned and operated since 1979.  We embrace the philosophy of “continuous improvement” and always welcome feedback about ways we can improve our service.  We are shocked by the reports of neglect in aged care and can assure our family members and residents that our staff and management work tirelessly to serve you, our valued customers.

Superior Care Group’s Directors are very grateful for the dedication of our staff and management (Karlene, Claire, Mary, Sue, Sarina and Toni), and we couldn’t do it without you.

Russell D. Egan