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Why Superior Care Group?

Superior Care Group is family owned and operated.  We provide the absolute best care and peace of mind for relatives and ensure residents are living an active and healthy lifestyle.  There is no board of Directors, just a family that truly cares.  Our clinical team are with the residents 24/7 and have access to some of the most innovative aged care therapies and services.

We provide an environment that embraces nature with beautiful lush surrounds and wide open spaces for the residents to enjoy and feel part of the family. At Superior Care Group we treat our residents and staff as part of our family.

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About us

We are family owned and operated with years of experience in providing quality Aged Care.  Superior Care Group acquired their first aged care facility 35 years ago in 1978, being Wellington Park Private Care.

In 2011 we opened the doors to our newest facility, Merrimac Park Private Care.  Our Management team are well equipped with over 30 years’ experience in the aged care industry dedicated to providing exceptional care.

Our Open Door Policy

Superior Care Group has an Open Door Policy that states any of our residents or residents’ family can contact our Management team or the Company Owners at anytime. We believe this to be one of our leading advantages over our competition and encourage our resident’s families to benefit from it. At Superior Care Group we manage all residents’ accounts at our facilities, therefore if  you have any queries you can come in and ask our friendly staff and we will be more then happy to help.

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Superior Care Group subscribes to principles of CRCCI in its workplaces

(a) Courtesy – Using good manners whenever possible, being pleasant and civil to everyone;
(b) Respect – Respecting the feelings, opinions, cultural or social backgrounds, and beliefs of other people.  This is key to growing a diverse workplace;
(c) Cooperation – Working together as a team with colleagues, management and outside contractors – Effective teamwork not only gets the work finished faster but generates a great deal of satisfaction;
(d) Consideration – Thinking of the impact that a decision may have on other people, or on the profitability of the business; and
(e) Initiative – Using initiative every day to achieve goals and objectives.  Identifying tasks which need to be completed and finishing them with energy.  Procrastination is the thief of time.

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