Dining in Superior Care Group’s residential aged care services is no ordinary experience. Unlike many other aged care services we employ a Head of Hotel for each of our locations. Our Heads of Hotel are experienced hotel caterer and are responsible for overseeing our dining, cleaning and laundry operations.

We prepare all meals fresh onsite in our commercial kitchens with company staff. We don’t use contractors and we don’t use pre-prepared meals such as cook chill which is common in many aged care services. We believe that the dining experience at Superior Care Group should be just like you enjoyed at home.

Each Superior Care Group site crafts its own menu based on the resident feedback, catering to specific preferences and ensuring there is plenty of nutrition and variety. Our daily dining consists of 6 separate dining opportunities: breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. Our menu consists of a four weekly rotation of individual meals which we are constantly adjusting based on the feedback of residents. After we have designed a menu we seek feedback from our residents and then get certification from a qualified dietician, as our menus are designed to meet the full nutritional needs of our residents. We also cater to the individual dietary needs of high care residents requiring vitamised meals or additional supplements as advised by our dietician.

Residents who are able to make decisions for themselves are supplied each day with a small option sheet which they can select their preferred meals from the following day’s menu. If a menu item is not appealing we also offer a range of sandwiches and salads. All meals come with a selection of soft drinks and fruit juices. Our Sunday breakfast is a full hot breakfast including bacon and eggs – a benefit you will struggle to find in any other aged care service!

Our most recent improvement has been the introduction of a premium menu of café style meals which can be ordered from our kitchens on-demand for a very reasonable price. Visiting families and friends can also enjoy the premium meals. Our residents and families tell us that dining at Superior Care Group always exceeds their expectations.