It seems the Abbott government is not going to back down on its plan to cut funding to the aged care industry by removing Payroll tax Supplement.  These are not small numbers we are talking about – last financial year the Payroll Tax Supplement for our group was $350,000!  This goes towards paying for staff and buying equipment and I can’t believe the Government would rip this out from providers who are required to comply with the exact same strict regime of accreditation standards as not-for-profits do.

The Government is essentially giving a free kick to not-for-profit providers who will have a financial advantage and be able to afford all the extra equipment and staff that $350,000 can bring for an aged care service.

This is where I am asking for the help of our community, our residents, families and staff to write to their local member and the Assistant Minister for Ageing, Senator Mitch Fifield.

I have included below an example letter and the contact email addresses for the Minister and MPs.  If you don’t live in one of these electorates you can can find your member of parliament here.

Thank you for supporting our community.


Sample Letter


Dear Senator Fifield,

 I am writing as a member of the aged care community concerned about the Abbott Government’s budget announcement to remove Payroll Tax Supplement for aged care providers.  I appreciate having the choice to be involved with a private aged care provider and this is made possible because the Government compensates private providers for the Payroll Tax exemption afforded to charitable organisations.

 I am concerned that if the Payroll Tax Supplement is removed this could impact on the quality of services delivered to our elderly and the viability of the aged care industry at large.  It is unfair that one section of aged care providers could receive less funding to provide the same level of care for their residents.  This could result in bed shortages and longer stays in public hospitals. How are private providers supposed to compete with not-for-profits who will have a clear financial advantage?

 Please urge the Government to reconsider this decision and maintain a level playing field for all aged care providers.  We have such a wonderful aged care system in Australia, it would be sad to see it harmed by short-sighted funding cuts.

 Yours Sincerely,


Cc: (Wellington Park) Andrew Laming MP, Member for Bowman,

(Merrimac Park) Karen Andrews MP, Member for McPherson,

(Magnolia Aged Care, Homestead) Bert Van Manen MP, Member for Forde,