We embrace two key philosophies in lifestyle at Superior Care Group:
1. The Eden Principle – our residents should be surrounded by life and laughter: animals, gardens and children make us all feel younger and more energised. They help to battle the Three Plagues of Ageing: Loneliness, Helplessness and Boredom.
2. We will help our residents to continue whatever they enjoyed doing at home to the best of our ability.

When every resident arrives at our services we are keen to learn about their personal interests and passions. Our Lifestyle teams are responsible for developing a weekly Lifestyle calendar filled with diverse activity for all residents to enjoy. Our Lifestyles coordinators will also develop personalised plans for every resident, including those who are not able to leave their room. Residential aged care living is about continuing to enjoy life in new and creative ways, even as we age. We respect the dignity and privacy of our residents – activities are purely voluntary. We will keep inviting our residents to our planned activities which include resident outings to local shops and restaurants, picnics, school student friendship program, barbeques, visiting entertainers, local volunteer organisations, special interest speakers, and movie presentations. It is never too late to forge a new friendship or develop a new interest when living in residential aged care.

Aged care living should be about new experiences for our residents and moving with the times. We have recently purchased a commercial coffee machine for each facility to offer café quality coffee to our residents. We now also offer a premium menu of breakfast lunch and dinner meals which is available to residents and their families. Superior Care Group is always searching for new ways to improve the quality and variety of our residents’ lifestyle. We appreciate our residents’ feedback and will work hard to develop new and exciting experiences for our residents. Some of our most popular social opportunities involve a simple morning tea or meal enjoyed with friends, prepared by our professional Hotel Services staff. At Superior Care Group aged care living is about lifestyle, care and comfort for our residents and peace of mind for our their families.