When your elderly loved one is living at home on their own, social contact with friends outside the home declines significantly with age.

Social isolation is a real concern as they become less mobile, and it can have a huge impact on their general health and wellbeing.

It can result in insomnia, depression, a greater likelihood of developing dementia and elevated blood pressure, among other health problems.

It’s integral that as our parents age they are cared for not only in terms of health, but also in terms of their wellbeing by becoming part of a socially active community where they can interact with friends on a daily basis.

At Superior Care, we are the only aged care providers in Queensland that offers resident lifestyle activities 7 days a week, which is offered at Merrimac Park Private Care.

Each day is memorable and there is a sense of camaraderie between your loved one and other residents as they create long-lasting friendships with their peers.

There is so much for them to get involved in such as luncheons, outings, art and craft, sensory walks, indoor bowls, concerts, sing-alongs and music appreciation.

At Superior Care, it’s the little things like staying back after lunch with chums to play cards or a board game, or having them knock on the door when your mum or dad forgets there is a trip to Putt Putt about to happen!

We recognise the importance of companionship for seniors, which is why you would never have to worry about your love one’s loneliness on Valentine’s Day, or any other day of the year, if they moved to a Superior Care facility.

To learn more, contact Wellington Park Private Care on 07 3207 4444 or Merrimac Park Private Care on 07 5618 1111.