This month we shine the spotlight on our newest aged care Lifestyle Team member – Cal MacKinnon. An experienced AIN, having spent the past five years working in aged care in both private and community run facilities as an AIN and a lifestyle team member.

We asked Cal, what it means to be a part of the Lifestyle Team and she explained, “As a team, we come up with a weekly program of activities covering the full 7 days that residents will enjoy, to stimulate their senses, provide opportunities for social interactions and ultimately ensure they feel that they are part of a community. It also means singing and laughing with them whilst enjoying their company.”
A trained artist and professional photographer, Cal hopes to bring this flair to her role. She commented “I would like to see our residents become a more active part of the local community outside of the home. I have a great interest in the arts and cultural community on the Gold Coast and am looking at getting the residents involved here. We are also looking at how we can integrate with the local schools and social community groups.”
We asked Cal what a typical day entailed for a Lifestyle Team member, “Every day is different in our role, and I love it. In the morning we may deliver and read the papers, take residents for walks around our expansive grounds, organise morning tea or organise and run the morning activity. This could be a bus outing or an onsite activity like flower arranging.
“In the afternoon, we help out with lunch, organise and run the afternoon activity for example a live entertainer, have one-to-ones with residents and often go for walks again.”
The dedicated Lifestyle Team at Merrimac Park, get to mix with a diverse range of interesting people. Getting to know our residents and the things they like to do ensures that each and every day is as memorable as the next.