Sadly, malnutrition is rife in every state and territory – and older Australians are most at risk.

Malnutrition increases the risk of falls, osteoporosis, fractures, chronic disease, prolonged hospitalisation and increased complications, all of which heighten the risk of premature mortality and reduced quality of life.

However, a nourishing and flexible menu is all that is needed in order to reduce malnutrition in aged care.

That’s why at Superior Care Group in Merrimac and Wellington Point each have full time chefs and cooks to prepare meals daily.

Unlike many aged care services we employ a Head of Hotel for both of our locations – each being experienced hotel caterers.

We recognise how important it is that your loved ones get high energy and high protein diets, and that every mouthful should be something that gives nutrition and pleasure.

Each Superior Care Group site prepares its own menu essentially based on resident feedback, which enables it to cater to specific preferences and ensure for plenty of nutrition and diversity.

Our daily dining consists of six separate dining opportunities: breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.

To ensure the menu remains varied for everyone at Superior Care, it is on a four weekly rotation of individual meals, which we are also constantly adjusting based on additional feedback of residents.

After we have designed a menu, we do not only seek resident feedback, but we also gain certification from a qualified dietician so our menus meet the full nutritional needs of your loved ones.

We also cater to the individual dietary needs of high care residents requiring vitamised meals or additional supplements as advised by our dietician.

To learn more about Superior Care Group’s aged care facilities, contact Wellington Park Private Care on 07 3207 4444 or Merrimac Park Private Care on 07 5618 1111.