Well, last month saw our very first inter-home competition commence with a monthly bowls tournament with Magnolia Aged Care Living taking place.

Our first meet and greet with Magnolia, we put on a delightful morning tea on the backyard veranda in the sunshine. With lots of chatter and everyone in high spirits getting to know each other, we enjoyed a feast of scrumptious cakes, muffins and savoury scones.

With a team of 14 from Magnolia in Upper Coomera here to take part, competitive spirit was rife and whilst we tried very hard to win, Magnolia was the better team on the day and this time returned home with the trophy.

Our residents thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in the tournament and cheering along our home team. It was lovely to welcome our new friends from Magnolia and we are all looking forward to visiting them next month for our chance to reclaim the bowls trophy.