The number of seniors living longer in their own homes is rising, as they strive to maintain their independence for as long as possible. It’s understandable, wanting to remain in the comfort of their own home – but just like there are benefits, there are disadvantages associated with this lifestyle choice.

With seniors living longer than ever, they are very likely to have co-occurring diseases or disorders as their health declines.

With this, comes an intricate and complex medication regime to suit. The more your loved one ages, the more prone they become to forgetfulness – making it easy to get confused about their varying medication. So sometimes it can even be the simple activity of taking the right medication at the right time that can cause harm to their health and wellbeing when they’re on their own.

Living at Superior Care, however, allows your loved one to maintain their independence while also having industry-best care from qualified and experienced nursing staff 24/7. Our dedicated team of carers work around the clock to dispense, administer and monitor residents’ medication to ensure that everything required to manage their health and wellbeing is done correctly day in, day out.

A move into aged care doesn’t have to impede their lifestyle – it can actually improve it – with a community environment and daily activities for your loved one to get involved with. Not only will their health be cared for, but they’ll no longer run the high risk of social isolation and depression due to lack of mobility when they’re living at home on their own.

Superior Care Group caters for all aged care needs, boasts state of the art facilities and maintains a fresh approach to lifestyle for our residents. To learn more, contact Wellington Park Private Care on 07 3207 4444 or Merrimac Park Private Care on 07 5618 1111.