Superior Care Group’s, Merrimac Park Private Care aged care service, was recently awarded a three year accreditation following an appeal in the Administrative Appeal Tribunal.

SCG sought review of the Aged Care Quality Agency’s initial decision to grant Merrimac Park a one year accreditation period on the basis that the service achieved full compliance in its September 2014 re-accreditation audit and had otherwise maintained compliance since February 2014, including an unannounced assessment contact in April 2015.

The AAT agreed with SCG’s submissions and found that the Agency’s own internal policy dictated a three year accreditation period be awarded, and that even if this policy did not exist a three period is the preferable decision.

Merrimac Park is now accredited until November 2017. The aged care accreditation standards are a series of 44 standards used by the Commonwealth government to ensure quality and compliance of aged care services throughout Australia.