The month of July was filled with various activities for the Merrimac aged care residents such as multiple entertainment events, cooking and a visit from some enthusiastic students from Hong Kong.


We started the month of July off with a fantastic performance by a volunteer choir called, Melody Major. We also enjoyed two happy hour concerts one from Mark Dean and the other from the wonderfully energetic Trevor Rix. Merrimac ended the month with a relaxing Friday morning concert from Just Jeff.

Ritz Activities

Our residents in the Ritz building kept busy with their regular monthly activities like gardening, board/card games and crafts.
The men’s group are over the moon from receiving a bigger television in the activities room, just so they can enjoy their passion for trains, uninterrupted.

Raffles Activites

Over at Raffles, the residents changed it up a little with the first two weeks of this month with Jenna as Michelle. The Residents caught up on some laundry, enjoyed a movie afternoon, got creative in art and crafts as well as enjoying a pampering session.

When Michelle returned Raffles, they enjoyed some floor games and caught up on their gardening.

Community involvement

This month in Ritz the residents had a visit from students visiting from Hong Kong. They all had a wonderful time as the students talked to the residents about their lives and country while the residents taught them about theirs.


Raffles baked some chocolate muffins with Jenna. When Michelle returned, Raffles baked a delicious lemon and zucchini loaf.

There was also a cooking adventure in Ritz that was a bit of a hit and miss. The pancakes and fudge were edible and it truly was a learning experience for us all.

Meet our People

Rosa is a true cockney through and through, and she was born in 1923 in London, England. She grew up in a three-story house and has some fascinating stories that show how different life was. Rosa was the youngest of three girls, and due to the tragic loss of her mother and father at such a young age, Rosa was raised by her oldest half-sister that was 13 years her senior.

Rosa attended a Church of England school where she started her studies as a seamstress. At the age of 16 with skills in hand Rosa began an apprenticeship as a seamstress for a designer that made evening gowns. Unfortunately, Rosa’s employment was in the heart of London and when the war broke out the dress shop became a manufacturer for nurse’s uniforms. So, Rosa started working for an accounting company. Later Rosa left the war zone to join the royal air force where she transported goods and soldiers around Europe.

When the war ended, Rosa got a job in Sussex for a couple that owned a restaurant and bar. Rosa lived, worked and transported goods for the couple. One day while catering for a wedding Rosa met Gordon, who was a civil engineer and travelled to catch Rosa’s eye. When Rosa and Gordon got to know each other, she Found out that Gordon was one of the many soldiers that she transported during her time in the Defence Force. Gordon asked for Rosa’s hand in marriage and he promised her an arch of flowers around the door when they got married and gave her that wish.

One year after being married, Rosa was blessed with their amazing baby boy Tony and then two years later they were blessed with their loving daughter Jill. She finally got the family and life she deserved. When her kids got older they all travelled around the world. Finally, Rosa and Gordon retired in Australia to be with their son Tony in Port Macquarie. Rosa lived with Tony till he got too sick and moved into Merrimac Park Private Care. Rosa is a beautiful, kind and loving woman who has amazing stories to tell.

This Month’s Activities

Found by Hound

Pet Therapy

Irma Courtney

Happy hour concert

Gareth Jones

Music Therapy

Fuji School

A visit from the students of Fuji School


Happy hour concert

Just Jeff

Happy hour concert


6th Rhonda
10th Des
20th Deidre
22nd Zdenka
22nd Engelina
23rd Jennifer