Our Gold Coast aged care residents were challenged by an hour of magic and number manipulation, an Australia day thong throw celebration and an Australian themed cook up!

The challenge of magic!
A group of our aged care residents were challenged during an hour of magic and number manipulation held by a member of the OT department and who kindly volunteered her day off. The numbers game was relatively simple for some of the attendees but difficult for others. Making a knot appear from a straight piece of rope is no easy task, but most were successful. Overall everyone enjoyed the challenging experience.

Our Australia Day celebrations
Residents across the facility got involved in an Aussie thong throw and beach volleyball day. It was a fun day had by everyone!

Creativity in the kitchen
Keeping in with the Australian theme, our chefs at the Ritz building utilised some beautiful fresh Aussie fruits to make kebabs while the Raffles chefs cooked up a few lamington muffins.

This Month’s Activities

Music Therapy
Welcoming back by very popular demand-Gareth. Gareth will be, once again, setting out an array of drums and percussion instruments for residents to be interactive with and to, well, make some noise!

Valentines Day
Residents will be busy in the arts and crafts department in preparation for V day. Friday the 17th and during our usual happy hour, a special afternoon tea will be served while enjoying the antics of Double the Fun.


1st Rosemary D
1st Donald S
1st Barry W
2nd Betty A
3rd Don Smith
7th Margery H
16th Jean B
17th Ron A
22nd Esme G
24th Gwen H