Our Merrimac Park aged care residents enjoyed a Christmas lunch with a visit from Santa and a day out with Raffles! They also joined together to thank the dedicated team of volunteers who have generously helped out over the year.

Thanking our Volunteers
Staff and residents joined together in the preparation of thanking our wonderful and dedicated team of volunteers. Musicians, readers, singers- companions and our group of ‘little people’ from QIC Early Learning. Volunteers were treated to a beautiful selection of finger foods prepared by our kitchen followed by brief overviews and introductions before presenting certificates.

Residents Christmas Lunch
Every year residents join and celebrate Christmas together. This Christmas lunch was held over two buildings; the Ritz and Raffles which were both alive with activity. Santa visited both buildings before the kitchen staff neared the end of such a hard slog over the stove, in the fridges/freezers. The food was amazing and looking around the room it was safe to say it was definitely enjoyed by everyone.

A day out with Raffles
On a normal outing, Raffles would go for morning or afternoon trips. This time they made use of the weather before heat set in and went on a day adventure. Heading out to Coomera Waters residents soon settled in for morning tea before a few rounds of bingo battle (it was quite windy). Lunch was a do it yourself affair before residents enjoyed a walk around, ball games and a quick game of Pictionary!

This Month’s Activities

Magic month
Residents at Raffles will learn the magic of manipulation (in a good way).

Australia Day
We celebrate Aussie day during the month of January, arts & crafts, cooking and Aussie themed games.

A morning with Alison
We welcome for her first visit to Merrimac, Alison who will be performing for us.


2nd Dennis B
3rd Joy O
4th Joan B
21st Jean M
31st Phyllis C
31st Doreen D