The month of December was filled with various activities for the Gold Coast aged care residents such as a market day and concerts as well as a Christmas party.

Christmas Party

Merrimac Park Private Care enjoyed a wonderful Christmas lunch with family and friends. Our residents truly had an enjoyable day, and they even had a special visit from Santa who gave out presents to all.

Market Day

Ritz hosted a morning market that had some Christmas themed handcrafted items such as cards, bags and sweets. After a good browse of the stalls, residents enjoyed a lovely morning tea.

Then, in the afternoon residents were delighted to have afternoon carols by candlelight, and they all enjoyed singing along to the classic Christmas carols.


December was filled with great entertainment, and first up was a concert from Trevor Rix.

We decided to change it up a bit and have Irma Courtney perform during happy hour on level one. Then, back to normal with residents enjoying a happy hour concerts downstairs with Jono.


Ritz held an afternoon tea celebration during happy hour for all our wonderful volunteers. We truly appreciate all our volunteers as they work hard throughout the year for us and they always bring joy to our residents.

Regular Activites

All around the facility staff ensure our residents are maintaining physical and mental health all the time such as regular exercise classes, sitting exercises to ensure comfort, sing-a-longs, walks around our beautiful gardens, getting out for the day and enjoying a barbecue as well as unique visits from our friendly fur friends.

Meet our People

Meet Chris, who was born in London in 1918, and migrated to Queensland with his family when he was 18 months old.

During the depression, Chris at the age of 13, worked on a dairy farm.

During WW2, Chris was called up to the Army where he served in PNG for three years before working as an Army stores clerk on his return.

Chris enjoyed cycling his way up and down the Queensland coast on his pushbike.

He met his beautiful wife, Del at the Arthur Murray Dance School where they were both instructors in ballroom dance. They married in January of 1949 in Brisbane. Chris and Del have two children, four Grandchildren and four Great-grandchildren.

For 27 years Chris worked for Tickle Industries where he sold products from the back of a truck, which back in the day was very legitimate and legal.

Chris had a love for tech and spent his free time repairing radios, TVs and recorders. He also studied Tech & Maintenance where he achieved a 100% score. His daughter says there is a lot of respect for how much Chris achieved throughout his life considering how early he finished school.

Chris is a serious kind of bloke but also genuine, cheeky and very lovable. He used to frequently sneak down to the bakery as he loves his desserts, especially at Sizzlers restaurants.

In his later years, Chris shared his passion for music, particularly the harmonica, at the local Aged Care facilities.

He used to be very active right into his early 90’s by participating in activities such as Tai Chi and bike rides.

Recently celebrating his 100th birthday with family and friends, Chris may not be as active as he would like to be, but he is still cheeky at times and oh so very lovable.

This Month’s Activities

Irma Courtney


Just Jeff

Happy Hour Concert


Rum Balls


3rd Joy
4th Anne
4th Margaret
6th Patricia
13th Gloria
21st Jean
31st Phyllis