The month of June was filled with fun activities such as the Under the Sea project, local trips and reminiscing on house tasks for all of our residents at Merrimac Park, Gold Coast Aged Care.

Arts at Merrimac

Right across the facility residents are involved in a variety of arts activities. Our ongoing Under the Sea project is progressing really well. Each week there are a few faces joining in on the fun. Renewing weathered wind chimes and suns is another project that has recently started, which was more suited to the individual or very small groups.

Community and Outings

As part of our community program, residents get an opportunity to travel to the Burleigh Masonic Center where they can meet and mingle with local members. During their visit, they participate in various activities at the Never Alone Friendship Club. In June, 10 residents ventured off and joined in on a quiz and card games before being treated to a wonderful BBQ. Residents also headed off on weekly trips around the Gold Coast.

Reminiscing – House and Garden

We like to provide the opportunity for our residents to go back in time and remember things that they may have done on weekends or days off work. Chores they would do around the home inside and out such as vacuuming, gardening or perhaps the washing. ‘Doing’ the job is what seemed to be the fun part, but there was also the challenge (for some) of naming the equipment and for what purpose.

Crafts Activities

Crafts activities have had groups of knitters clicking their needles over a cuppa and a chat. These type of activities are a great way to encourage memory recollection and sharing talents. Residents also gathered garden items and made collages.

Doll Therapy

One on one interaction with children has a calming effect on everyone. Residents at Merrimac are visited by a special little baby girl ‘Amelia’ each Wednesday. Amelia melts the hearts of everyone who she visits and there are never enough cuddles and lullabies.

Meet Our People

Meet John, he likes to keep himself busy so his story as told by him which had to be done whilst he was painting. When he was asked to tell us about himself this is what he had to say.

“Well, I was a member of the Air Force for about 25 years. After that, I operated a Post Office with my wife for a number of years in Sydney. My wife and I met when I was about 16 I think and being childhood sweethearts and got married in 1963 at Randwick. We have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. We lived Wagga Wagga for about 5 years and during that time I was the Chairman of the Mess Committee.” (Incidentally, John was also made CMC here at Merrimac!) He also added that he enjoys sports and things “I did a sporting trip to Kuala Lumpur once for soccer.”

John was asked if could name anything he is most proud of to which he replied, “Oh, a couple of model aeroplanes that I built and my two cars.” He goes on to explain, “I had a Chevrolet Cadet- 1935 2 door and a 1963 MG which was light blue but by the time I finished with it, it was electric blue.” When John was then quizzed on which of the two cars would be the fastest to which he replied, ” the Chevy of course!”

This Month’s Activities

Naidoc Week

The Residents will be involved in NAIDOC – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders during the first week of July with various art activities which recognise their culture.

In the Kitchen

A perfect activity for residents to recall memories and to use all senses is cooking. In the Kitchen is always a relaxing and happy environment which is always enjoyed by our residing cooks.

Happy Hour

Every Friday everyone gets together for happy hour where there are celebrations, games, food and drinks a plenty. This week is a culturally themed afternoon where we will be travelling to France for Bastille Day.

Never Alone Friendship Center

A group of residents will head off to Burleigh again to join the local community in a variety of exciting activities.

QIC Early Learning

A small group of residents will head down the road to the QIC Early Learning Center as part of our intergenerational program. Residents interact with preschoolers through a variety of activities that are organised by the children. This is a truly a rewarding experience that is enjoyed by everyone.

Music Appreciation

Gareth returns to Merrimac with his drums and percussion instruments to once again get the residents up and moving to the music they produce. Always a popular event and this month will be no exception.

Keeping Mobile

Residents get together on a daily basis participating in a variety of exercise classes to assist in mobility, strength and balance. A pilates instructor also joins us and holds classes twice a month.


12th Betty
20th Cecil
27th Joan
30th Lina
31st Patrick
31st Vincenza