The month of June was filled with various activities such as cooking, putt-putt golf and bus outings for the Gold Coast aged care residents.

Cooking up a Storm

At Merrimac Park, our residents were in the kitchens creating some delicious treats. In the Ritz Building, residents made delicious Gluten Free Choc Chip Cookies for happy hour. In the Raffles Building, residents made chocolate pear cupcakes that ended up being a laugh fest.

Last Months Entertainment

This month concerts started off with a performance from the Sundancers with beautiful costume changes and performance to some all-time favourite songs.

We also enjoyed a mid-week performance from Trevor Rix, a happy hour delight from Just Jeff and a Friday entertainment event with Irma Courtney.

Ritz Activities

This month, level one got competitive with two days of putt-putt golf while our ground floor residents played bowls.

The Ritz men’s group are loving their weekly movies in the upstairs activities room. They can be as loud as they want without disturbing the attention and love that the other residents receive.

Residents have been busy with crafts, making a special collection of art pieces for the Mudgeeraba show that came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Ground floor bingo is really bringing in a crowd. So, get your game face on and get ready to win some chocolate and then join the daily exercise activity to work it all off.

Raffles Activites

Over at Raffles, the residents have been busy in a variety of events and activities throughout June. Small groups have gathered over the first half the year slowly creating a bowl. There was trouble trying to keep our glass stones fixed to the bowl but, perseverance pays off in the end and with it finally completed it was sent off to the Mudgeeraba Show.

Residents also participated really well in our regular group activities with some showing a cheeky competitive side.

We have had two lovely students from All Saints College volunteering their time each Tuesday for an hour after school and will be visiting our home over the six months.

Bus Outings

This month, Ritz went to Ashmore bowling for 10 pin bowls. The residents had such a great time they were talking about it for the whole week.

For the short trip, Ritz residents enjoyed morning tea and a scenic trip around the gold coast while raffles residents enjoyed afternoon tea out and about.

Meet our People

Meet Patrick and Angela Kelty, Patrick Kelty was born in Ireland in 1930, and he’s the eldest of thirteen children.
His wife, Angela French, was also born in Ireland in 1933 and is the youngest of four children.

Patrick was boxing champion of Ireland 8 times. In his mid-twenties, he decided that it was time for him to travel and explore the world. His destination was Zambia in Africa where he worked on the mines in a small town called Kabwe.

Feeling very homesick he started a pen pal relationship with Angela French. While on a holiday back in Ireland he met Angela for the first time and within a couple of months they were married. Their honeymoon was an ocean cruise back to Africa and then by train to Zambia. Within a couple of years two daughters were born, Barbara and Deirdre.

Zambia was their home for 15 years. In 1972 they returned to Ireland where they lived for three years. Unable to settle in Ireland, the decision was made to return to Africa. The Kelty family moved to Botswana where they lived for two years and then a further year in Rhodesia.

In 1978 the family moved to Perth, Western Australia. Patrick and Angela worked at the Burswood Casino until they both retired.

Their eldest daughter, Barbara, married and moved to Sydney. Their youngest daughter, Deirdre, also married and moved to the Gold Coast. With both their daughters living on the East coast they once again made the major decision to move and settled on the Gold Coast.
They now have seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Patrick and Angela’s life has been an amazing journey, and so it continues. Their love for each other has been the strongest thread that has held them together even now in their twilight years.

This Month’s Activities

Melody Major

Residents will enjoy a morning concert

Mark Dean

Happy hour concert


Students from Hong Kong will visit

Trevor Rix

Happy hour concert

Just Jeff

Morning concert

Cooking Activities

Raffles cooking banana bread as well as lemon and zucchini loaf. Ritz will be making pancakes and fudge


3rd Jack
12th Beryl
20th Cecil
21st Gae
31st Patrick