Last month our aged care Gold Coast residents enjoyed some music therapy with Gareth and showed us their creative talents during the individual activity art session.

Gareth comes back for some Music Therapy

Gareth returned to Merrimac with his van full of drums and percussion instruments. This is a very popular event on the calendar, allowing residents to engage in some loud interaction through music. During this visit, a few residents also got up onto the dance floor – movement to music! Tapping into the memory bank culturally and socially and most importantly, satisfaction.

Gareth is now booked into our calendar for the year and will be conducting 2 x 30 minute sessions each visit. This will allow for 2 smaller groups and will incorporate 2 core areas – physical and cognitive.

Talent shines at Merrimac during our individual activities

We have some extremely talented residents at Merrimac who are encouraged to continue their own talents, including art.

Upcoming Activities

Voices in Harmony

A 30 member group who have visited Merrimac before sharing their incredible sweet sounds. A large crowd was present in the last visit and this month will be no different.

Art Therapy

A new project is now underway. Led by a talented member of the lifestyle team, residents are guided through relaxing Friday sessions creating an ‘under the sea’ mural.

Bus Outing

Residents will be out and about throughout March taking in the sights of the Gold Coast, fish and chip seaside lunch and a spot of fishing.


4th Shirley N
12th Honor M
12th Doreen S
13th Henny D
16thWal M
23rd Maria R