The month of February was filled with various activities such as cultural awareness and interactive drums sessions as well as a first for the Merrimac Park Aged Care Facility on the Gold Coast.

Interactive Drums

Once again our residents enjoyed their interpretation of drums and percussion whilst moving to their own rhythm.

Commitment Service

A first for Merrimac Park and Superior Care Group –  Residents and staff celebrated with Ron and Rosemary when they committed their friendship for life.

The facility care manager led the ceremony, with three staff members taking on the roles of best man, maid of honour and walking Rosemary down the aisle. It was a truly special event and a day to remember for years to come.

Birthdays and Ceremonies

Merrimac Park enjoys celebrating birthdays by catering for each person individually and according to their preferences to ensure they have a special day.

We also celebrate Anniversaries by catering for the happy couple and families.

Cultural Awareness

Activities are specialised for the month according to cultural events. This month we acknowledge Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes and embracing Australian culture with a delicious BBQ.

Around the Facility

In both buildings, the residents got involved in a variety of activities incorporating exercise, reminiscence and independence.

Meet our People

Meet Margaret and Patrick. Margaret grew up in Hughenden Qld where she met her amazing husband, Pat. They married in Sydney and started their lives together in Brisbane where they had five of their six children. Margaret dedicated her life to her family and Pat worked as an accountant to support their dreams. Margaret and Pat moved to the Gold Coast where they have stayed for the past around 18 years.

They have travelled to a number of places such as South Africa, United States of America, Canada and Europe.

Margaret moved to Merrimac Park Private Care early this year and her husband shortly followed. Welcome, Margaret and Patrick.

This Month’s Activities

Cultural Awareness

Residents will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day and Easter.


There will be music and entertainment each week for the month of March.

Bus Outings

We will take a look back at where the residents ended up this month on their bus outings.


4th Shirley
8th Kosue
12th Honor
13th Johanna
14th Rosina
15th Olive
16th Wallace
20th Stanley
23rd Maria