The month of April was filled with various activities to celebrate the Commonwealth Games as well as a service for ANZAC Day at Merrimac Park Aged Care Facility.

Merrimac Games

We kicked off April with three days of morning activities, inspired by the Commonwealth Games. Everyone at Merrimac became very competitive as they all went head to head to see what area of the facility would win the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Ritz level one went home feeling over the moon with winning 1st place at indoor bowls, Ritz ground floor came 2nd place and raffles coming in 3rd leaving them very determined to will 1st place for round 2.

Raffles feeling very accomplished with coming in 1st place at the table tennis and table Bob’s competition, Ritz level 1 coming in 2nd place and Ritz ground floor coming in 3rd and determined to win the last competition.

Ritz ground floor coming in 1st place in the basketball, Ritz level 1 coming in 2nd and raffles in 3rd.

We ended a great week with a wonderful concert by Irma Courtney at happy hour.

All Day Bus Trip

Our all-day bus trip was to the Kingscliff surf club. It was hard getting to the balcony in the very small elevator but it was well worth the effort as we had a magnificent view of the ocean and the coastline.

Everyone enjoyed a typical seaside lunch of fish and chips with salad plus some even enjoying some oysters and a glass of wine.

Margret enjoyed a trip to the shops and bought herself a lovely outfit. Everyone had a great time.

Regular Activities

Everyone is more than welcome to come and join us in the all the fun with regular activities like bingo, scrabble, art and crafts. Alternatively, guest can sit and relax with our residents in the sunshine during morning tea at either raffles, Ritz level one or Ritz ground floor.

A Special Treat

Due to the school holidays, our residents were lucky to get a visit from some very special little kiddies who helped out with activities for the day. We cooked up a storm for national garlic day with pizzas and enjoyed the sunshine whilst maintaining the gardens around the facility.

Commemorative ANZAC Day Service

Commemorative ANZAC day service in the pavilion followed by a high tea.


With their hair a little whiter, their step not quite so sure
Still, they march on proudly as they did the year before
They were the hands that saved us, their courage showed the way
Their lives they lied down for us, that we may live today.
From Gallipoli’s rugged hillside to the sands of Alamein
On rolling seas and in the skies, those memories will remain.
Of airmen and sailors, of Lone Pine and Suvla Bay
The boys of the Dardanelles are remembered on this day.
They fought their way through jungles,
Their blood-soaked desert sands
They still remember comrades who lay in foreign lands.
They remember the siege of old Toburk, the mud of the Kokoda trail
Some paying the supreme sacrifice with courage that did not fail
To the icy land of Korea, the steamy jungles of Vietnam
And the heroic battle of Kapyoung and that epic victory at Long Tan.
Fathers, sons and brothers, together they fought and died
That we may live in peace together, while at home their mothers cried.
When that final bugle calls them to cross that great divide
Those comrades will be waiting when they reach them on the other side.

Meet our People

Meet Alexandrina Indian, who was born in Scotland. Ina and her family come from a long line of pipers and police officers. In fact, her maiden name, MacPhedran, means son of a great piper in Scotland. Her whole family played the pipes in a piping band and won a few solo piping competitions during their lives. They lived through ww2 and experienced the air raids that tried to destroy the main railway line that went past their home Mossend, Lanarkshire.

In 1952, Ina’s family moved to Victoria, Australia, for a better life. This is where Ina Meet her husband, Alan, at a local barn dance. Allan and Ina married four years later. Allan worked for the state electricity commission office and Ina worked as a stenographer in castle main foundry. Together they worked hard and purchased several properties in Australia and Scotland. Although, it was in Victoria where they built their family home and where they raised their sons Iain and Neil.

As a family, they frequently travelled to Europe to visit other family members. When their sons grew up, Ina and Allan travelled around to different countries. Allan and Ina lived a very fulfilled life with family, love and travel.

This Month’s Activities


Residents will enjoy a concert by Mark Dean.

Music Therapy

Interactive Drums session.


Phil Guest will perform for our residents.

Pet Therapy

Residents are always excited to get a visit from Harmony Hooves.


Residents will watch a performance and meet the talented musicians of all saints college.


1st Kevin
15th Antonia
15th Jacoba
18th Jennifer
18th Wynn
26th Alma
31st Audrey
31st Maureen