The month of October was filled with various activities for the Merrimac aged care residents such as a pampering session, a visit from Harmony Hooves and Halloween activities.

Harmony Hooves visit Merrimac

Harmony hooves came to visit raffles this month while they celebrated Valma’s birthday. Then, they popped over to Ritz and played around in our garden.

Fury little visitors is always a great way to start the month.

Our Community

Our lifestyle team focuses on bringing people together and helping our residents make new friends. With activities like putt-putt golf, we always encourage competitiveness and teamwork as residents both try to beat each other while supporting everyone’s efforts.

Sing-a-long is a great favourite to all our lovely singers and music lovers as everyone helps one another to keep up with the songs.

Happy hour is also a great way to make friends while hanging around and relaxing with a nice cold drink in hand.

Pampering at the Ritz

Face mask, high tea and foot spas it doesn’t get much better than that. Ritz Building enjoyed an exceptional Pamper morning with hydration and relaxation.

Out and About

We had a lovely bus trip to our sister facility at Wellington Park where we enjoyed fish and chips in the park. The Rain wouldn’t stop us as we took a scenic trip to kings cliff to the eagle lookout.

Celebrating Halloween

Our aged cared residents enjoyed a very first visit from The Lone Wolf, which was very fitting for Halloween as he dresser up as a wolf and performed some Halloween themed songs for us. Everyone got into the spirit of the day by dressing up too.

Meet our People

Meet Peter and Gae Hoare, who lived in Masterton, New Zealand.

Peter and Gae started dating when Gae was 16, together they worked hard and started a family. Peter worked for a freezing works while Gae worked at a plating company and a cigarette company between having her kids. They had four loving children Kerry, Grant, Tanya and Shane.

Peter and Gae took a long deserved holiday to Australia and later decided to move here. Peter worked as a window washer at Sydney tower before getting a trade as a bootmaker and repairer.

They rebuilt their lives in Australia and took great pride in their homes. In their free time, they would fix and maintain their gardens.

Peter and Gae moved to Merrimac Park and still take great pride in their gardens.

This Month’s Activities

Just Jeff

Happy hour concert

Melbourne Cup

Full day event with wonderful dress up and prizes


Cooking quiche

Pauline Visits

Pauline Jewelry shop

Mark Dean

Happy hour concert

Trevor Rix



5th Rudi
8th Evonne
14th Ellie
17th Gwen
20th Ron
21st Dorothy
24th Ina
28th Taeko