The month of September was filled with various activities such as a Father’s Day event as well as music interaction activities for all the residents at the Merrimac Park Gold Coast Aged Care Facility.

Father’s Day

The men of Merrimac got together at the Pavilion to celebrate Father’s Day. They shared stories over a few beers and a delicious BBQ lunch. The weather was fantastic, the atmosphere very relaxed and everyone who was in attendance was a combination of both. At the conclusion of the day, the Fathers Day raffles were drawn with four great prizes won – congratulations to all of the winners.

Music Interpretation

Residents got together with Gareth again this month, creating their own sounds with the beats of the drums and percussion instruments. Incorporating their music with dance, everyone had a great workout physically, mentally and of course socially. Each time the event is held we are noticing an increase in participation in a variety of ways, from first-time attendees to encouraging one another to be actively involved.

Visits from the Melody Majors Choir group as well as Trevor Rix

For just over an hour, residents were treated to the wonderful voices of the Melody Majors Choir group. The activity room was packed and everyone had the opportunity to join in on many of the songs performed by the choir as they encouraged interaction. We look forward to their visit again – later in the year.

Trevor Rix played the guitar for the residents, playing many favourite tunes, which got patrons up and dancing during happy hour.

Maintaining Independence and Choices for our Residents.

Making decisions about how residents want to spend their day is encouraged and supported as it enables residents to remain as independent for as long as possible.

Some of the activities residents choose to do include but certainly not limited to revisiting previous occupations, spending quality time with family or friends, enjoying the relaxed scenery on offer around Merrimac or being creative in crafts.

Meet Our People

Heather Pierson was born in Southport, Gold Coast. She lived in a big property with her family on the Main Street of Southport because her Father was the Chief Police Officer and wanted to keep an eye on the jailhouse, which was just down the road. Her mum was a pianist at the Presbyterian Church where she played the organ. Her brother volunteered at the Surfers Paradise Surf Club as a lifesaver. Still, to this day, he is a member. Throughout the years Heather worked in 3 banks around the Southport area.

The Stokes Family Park is named after her dad and she still loves visiting there when she gets the chance.

Growing up she was into athletics and every year she represented her school nationally. She is very proud to show off her gold medal.

She cherishes every moment growing up in the Gold Coast. One New Year’s Eve she remembers showing off her brand new gold watch, which she received as a present from her dad. She still wears it today.

She also debuted as a swimwear model, when the owner of the Surfers Paradise hotel asked her to model their latest swimwear selection. “They were pretty one-piece swimsuits with big red flowers,” Heather explains.

She met her beloved husband, Kenneth, during a family holiday in the Blue Mountains. It was love at first sight. Together they had one daughter, two grandchildren and (almost) three great-grandchildren, expecting her third great-grandchild on the 29th of this month.

Heather is very close to her family. They keep in touch daily on the phone and enjoy regular luncheons around the Gold Coast.

This Month’s Activities

World Animal Day

Harmony Hooves will once again visit Merrimac to the delight of everyone. Falling on ‘World Animal Day’ what would be more fitting than to have a variety of animals- from chicks to ponies visit.

Bus Outings

There will be 2 days dedicated to day outings which take our bus trippers out to different locations for lunch as well as participating in a variety of activities.

Happy Hour

Held each Friday, happy hour brings together residents and guests to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere listening to music, entertainers and participating in games over a few beers (or wine) as well as finger foods prepared by the wonderful catering staff. A great social afternoon where everyone is made welcome.


Halloween High (morning) Tea will be held at both buildings. Halloween is a time for trick or treating so, what will be in store is anyone’s guess.


4th Valma
6th Lily
10th Idske
11th Kevin
13th Patricia
16th Heather
17th Roger
25th David
28th John
29th Patrick