August was another delightful month at our aged care Merrimac facility as we welcomed the start of Spring. Our residents enjoyed music performances, cooking sessions and a spot of gardening when the weather warmed up.

In the Kitchenette
Raffles residents spent considerable time juicing lemons and lots of them. The final result was an absolute hit with all residents concluding that their home made lemonade is worth selling!

An afternoon with Barry Lachlan
Barry Lachlan delivered yet another wonderful afternoon during happy hour. Patrons enjoyed the afternoon with good entertainment, food, beer, wine, soft drinks and the odd tea. There was plenty of movement going on on the dance floor and everybody joined in singing.

Out and About Gardening
With the weather warming up it is now time for a spot of gardening. A few residents from Raffles planted some new herbs while the Ritz were able to get their planter boxes filled with lettuce, tomatoes and various herbs.

Upcoming Activities

Sommerset College
Every year and as part of their community program, a group of high school students head to Merrimac to interact with the residents. Music, singing, and lots of mingling. This event has always been a success and September will be no exception.

SWELL – 12th September
Participating residents will be heading off to SWELL sculptures by the sea held at Currumbin.

Healing Hooves Happy Hearts – 20th September
Our furry friends will be visiting at the pavilion from 9:30am.


9th   Valerie P
12th Marion G
14th Angela R  
17th Neil W
18th Elizabeth M
21st Clarice M
22nd Irmgard G
30th Norma C