The month of August was filled with fun activities such as a cultural visit from the students of Fuji High School in Japan at Merrimac Park Aged Care Facility.

Interactive Drums

Drums, percussion, music and dance. Raffles played host to Gareth for a one-time session during August. Our residents listened to sounds of the drums before joining in and creating a whole new experience.

Pet Therapy

Our Residents had a lovely surprise with a rather large puppy visit them one day in August. Such a quiet friendly dog who caught everyone by surprise as he made his way around the facility. The Residents always enjoy these visits from their furry friends.

All About the Senses

At Merrimac, we try to tap into our senses through various activities. Walks around the gardens where there is a vast array of textures, sights and smells that can be found on rock walls to flowers. Not to mention cooking activities, each month groups of residents get together to create wonderful smells in the kitchen. Bringing together the use of all five senses.

Cultural- Fuji High School Japan

This month we had forty students from the Fuji High School, located in Japan, visit over two afternoons. Spending time at both buildings with our residents. The students spent time showing residents hand crafts, origami, wooden balance toys (similar to a yo-yo but more complex) and of course one on one chats including group singing.

Arts, Crafts and Everyday Living

Arts and crafts suited for all our residents with varying abilities from large to small groups and of course independent. Our art and craft activities are a regular on the calendar each month.

Independent living is encouraged with housework tasks that are completed through out the day. For example, doing the dishes or folding washing.

Meet Our People

Meet Tanya, she was born on the 22/12/1930 to Russian parents in Shanghai, China. They lived in the English Quarter along with French and German Nationals for 17 years. She was an only child to mother Olga who was a pianist and Father Ivan who was a policeman. Her mum’s family were famous with and her grand mother was the first feminist to do the trots, she never breast fed her children. Her father was high in the police force. They lived wealthy lives and had a number of servants. In the summer they would reside in the mountains and stay in guest houses. When Tanya was 17 she often went out with soldiers to dances and outings.

When Japan invaded China they had to flee the country. They spent a few months in the Philippines. In 1948 her family came to Australia as refugees. Tanya met Henry in Sydney. Henry was a Polish soldier who fought for England and lived in Highland Park for 4 years. They got married in Sydney on 8/2/1953. They moved out to the country when Margaret was born. Henry was a carpenter, he built The Sands (the biggest form worker in Australia) in Gold coast. Tanya and Margaret came to visit Henry in the Gold Coast in 1966 and stayed at Broad beach. Tanya enjoyed going to the movies twice a week and she volunteered with vision impaired organisations. Tanya also loved shopping and scenic drives. She has always had poor vision.

This Month’s Activities

Fathers Day Celebration

Early September we will be honouring all of our men here at Merrimac.

Independent Activities

Promoting independence is always a priority here at Merrimac. Acknowledging our residents and their choices on what they wish to do. We will visit individuals as they enjoy their time doing things that they love to do.

Welcoming Spring

Our Resident gardeners will begin the spring planting.


Trevor Rix joins residents late September during happy hour.

Gareth Drums and Percussion

Large groups, active participation and positive feedback brings the sound of the drums to Merrimac once again.


9th Valerie
12th Marion
14th Ronald
17th Neil
18th Elizabeth
18th Peter
21st Clarice