The words nursing home are sometimes used to describe what is now more commonly referred to as Residential Aged Care Home.  Both describe the same, however nursing home has been used more in the past and is slowly becoming replaced with Residential Aged Care Home.

Residential Aged Care Home

These homes offer 24/7 nursing, security and peace of mind for residents’ families that they are being cared for in a homelike environment.   Despite being in a nursing home our residents live very active lifestyles with outings every week for shopping, lunch days and special events.

Not a day goes past without celebrating in some way.  Visiting entertainers make regular appearances at our homes with “Double the Fun” coming in September with a 60s theme day for our residents at Merrimac Park Private Care.  Superior Care Group ensure all residents are happy and each and every day is memorable and fulfilling through a specially planned lifestyle activities calendar for all levels of care.