No one likes to face the prospect of placing their loved one in a nursing home. Let’s face it, it feels like the beginning of the end. But, the truth is, it isn’t. It is actually a better way of life, allowing our loved ones the care and support they need 24/7.

The term ‘Nursing Home’ often evokes images of dark, quiet, hospital like environments and was mostly associated with High Care services. This dated impression is no longer accurate, so you will see most facilities have adopted the term ‘Aged Care Home’ to align with what is really on offer.

At Superior Care Group, we genuinely care about our residents and form close bonds with them and their families. We understand that care needs can vary at different times which is why we offer all levels of aged care – low, high and dementia care and have created a warm and homely environment.

With around the clock care and support, you can be assured that your loved one is in the best hands. However, we go one step further and make sure that our residents are living every day to its fullest. Our Gold Coast Aged Care residents enjoy rich and varied daily activities specific to individual care levels to keep the body and mind active. Each day is filled with memorable lifestyle activities specially developed by our dedicated Lifestyle Team and include; organised day trips, luncheons, arts and craft, live music and much more.

Unique to the Superior Care Group, each of our homes have a Head of Hotel Services responsible for our residents’ needs and family requests when it comes to catering, laundry and cleaning management. Not a week goes by that we aren’t planning a birthday or anniversary for one of our lovely residents.

If you would like an obligation-free tour of one of our facilities so that you can see for yourself how the industry has changed and Superior Care is leading the way in Gold Coast Aged Care Homes – please contact us today to find out more.