Upon the onset of dementia, the early symptoms of forgetfulness are certainly recognised by surrounding loved ones, but they are commonly played down for too long.

When your loved one has simply been forgetting names or what day is for a while, it’s easy to become complacent with those minor symptoms and not take further action.

Most put it down to old age, and so while these symptoms appear very manageable to the family they don’t feel the need to look deeper into what’s to come.

The trouble with this approach is if your loved one goes untreated, they will go from only showing a few minor symptoms to needing constant care and attention more rapidly.

What originally started out as forgetting the grandkids’ names could turn into forgetting to turn the stove off and start putting them in harm’s way on a daily basis.

Their behaviour and ability to perform everyday tasks could decline quite hastily if nothing is done in the early stages.

While there is no cure for dementia, appropriate treatment and medication can slow it down in its tracks, and improve your loved one’s longevity while keeping their symptoms minimal for longer.

The best approach is to recognise and accept the growing needs of your loved one and be proactive in finding the best care for both their health and well-being.

Fortunately, our care staff at Merrimac Park are committed to providing exceptional care, with some of the most innovative aged care therapies and services to do exactly that.

Superior Care Merrimac has a dedicated dementia care building, Raffes, which is a very secure environment with an outlook of the adjoining parklands.

Raffles caters for all stages of dementia with registered nurses onsite 24/7.

Each of our staff members have over a decade’s experience specifically in dementia care and they also update their knowledge and qualifications every two months with regular in-house training to ensure for nothing less than the best care and service for your loved one.

To make sure your loved one is pain free, and receives the best in dementia care, contact Merrimac Park Private Care on 07 5618 1111.