As your parents age, they not only become more prone to not only physical health problems but also some to do with their mental health.

Being immobile and stuck at home alone can cause your loved ones to become lonely and depressed having less and less opportunities to get out and stay social.

Isolation among seniors is a very common occurrence, but like most things, it is also preventable.

It simply means that caring for the wellbeing of your loved one is not only to do with doctor checkups, blood tests and them taking their medication, but also keeping them active and social so their mental health is in check too.

Becoming part of a socially active community where your mum or dad can make friends and interact them on a daily basis is the most effective way to prevent social isolation and help them be happy and healthy.

The close-knit environment at Superior Care, where staff and neighbours are just almost like extended family, is the perfect place for your loved one to call home.

We are the only aged care providers in Queensland that offer resident lifestyle activities seven days a week, which is offered at Merrimac Park Private Care.

This means your loved one can pick and choose from an abundance of fun activities to go along to and sociliase with like-minded peers.

There is so much for them to get involved in such as luncheons, outings, art and craft, sensory walks, indoor bowls, concerts, sing-alongs and music appreciation.

Granted, these activities aren’t always for everybody; but the beauty of being in a small aged community such as ours means they’ll even see friendly faces in the dining hall every day.

It’s sometimes even the little things like ‘hello’ that go a long way for seniors, for example, sitting down at lunch with a table of others, rather than alone at home.

Whether they share small talk, stories about their grandchildren, tales of their past, or just about the outing the day before — this kind of interaction is truly invaluable for your ageing loved one.

To learn more, contact Wellington Park Private Care on 07 3207 4444 or Merrimac Park Private Care on 07 5618 1111.