What is the value of residential aged care verses staying at a residential home? As our relatives, often our parents, grow old you may find they need more help with day to day tasks or general health care.

For the elderly, living alone in their family residence becomes very difficult for a variety of reasons.  This can be due to isolation, problems maintaining a large property, illness, disability, reduced mobility or simply paying ongoing bills.  These are just some of the reasons the elderly struggle to cope living alone in their family residences.

It would be impossible to put a price on the care and comfort our family deserve, however many leave it too late to explore the readily, available options.  Aged care residential homes provide not only accommodation but meals, cleaning and laundry services, assistance with showering and dressing (if needed), 24/7 nursing care including medication management and social activities.  As I’m sure you can appreciate, much more than bricks and mortar alone.

In comparison to the dollar value of a family residence verses the cost of living in an Aged care residential home, there is no comparison.  Peace of mind for the family, security and comfort for the elderly with a lifestyle that meets their requirements for this stage in life.