St Patrick’s Day is a day marked to celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland. With religious sentiments, the day is enjoyed around the globe with people dressing in green and displaying shamrocks.

Not one to miss out on the festivities, Merrimac Park Private Care transformed the activities room into an Irish themed display, setting the tone for a fun filled day.

The day commenced with the singing of traditional Irish songs, the reciting of Irish limericks, joke telling and Irish themed quizzes. Keen to stick to tradition, our lifestyle team had everyone up and competing in the Inaugural Potato Throwing competition. Residents were tasked with throwing a potato through a hoop. The winner being the one to successfully land it, the most amount of consecutive times. Whilst Evonne Jones had everyone in giggles with her shenanigans, it was Barry Zelow that took home the ultimate prize. Well done Barry!

Head of Hotel Toni, prepared the residents a scrumptious Irish themed dinner consisting of Irish Strew followed by Irish cream cheese cake, delish.