Last month our Brisbane Aged Care residents had a very busy March with lots of events such as the introduction of indoor bowls, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and music therapy as well as Easter festivities.

Indoor Bowls

Our residents got to try out our new indoor bowls. So much fun was had with all the seasoned bowlers giving instruction to the first-timers. One gentleman pulled up a seat near the bowler and gave precise steps on how to hold the bowl and send it off.

There was a lot of chit-chat and tips being shared amongst each other.

Plus, the mistake of referring to the bowl as a ball and WOW, the residents sure corrected us.

This is going to be a wonderful addition to our activity calendar.

Music Therapist in Our Dementia Specific Lodge

There was a lot of excitement today as we showcased our new Music Therapist in the Diamond Lodge. Residents from all areas were invited to come along and were so glad they did.

Music is a big part of our Entertainment program, however, therapists are trained musicians who perform in a different way. Using instruments and musical trivia during her show, Anita involved our residents in more than just listening to the sound of her Beautiful voice.

Everyone agreed … We can’t wait till she visits again!

St. Patrick’s Day Morning Tea

Stanford residents had a side-splitting morning with some very Irish limericks and jokes. We also all enjoyed a variety of green drinks and green food. Those who weren’t sure of everything green had a satisfying tea or coffee.

In Wentworth, we also went green with food, clothing, drinks as we sang along to our own rendition of Danny Boy, and When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. It was a wonderful morning, to be sure, to be sure!

Cooking Up Some Treats

With Easter around the corner, we thought we would make some goodies. An Easter Chocolate Slice, where one of our residents managed to cover himself in cocoa, his comments, may I add was hilarious!

Quite a few reminisced about how licking the bowl was always the best part. The slice was shared and enjoyed for afternoon tea. Additionally, we made some little Easter baskets, that will stay refrigerated and be used as table decorations during our Easter Celebrations.

Easter Celebrations

What a fantastic morning we had to celebrate Easter! Our Kitchen staff made us very special Easter Cakes, which we all couldn’t get enough of! All our staff joined in on the fun, with Bunny Ears being shared around.

During Wentworth’s morning tea the Easter Raffle was drawn, with the prizes going to:
1st Leanne W. (AIN)
2nd Ruth (Wentworth)
3rd Joyce L (Wentworth)
4th Des E (Stanford)

Congratulations to all winners. Some lucky ones don’t need to shop!

Meet our People

Meet Merle, she was born on the 17th of May in 1934 at St. Claire’s Hospital, Kangaroo Point. Merle says the first 8 years of her life were in Tingalpa and the next 5 or so years was in Gumdale on a beautiful 5 acres. The family moved to Ormiston sometime in 1947. She had been in a fife and drums band at Gumdale and was encouraged to start the first school band in the Redlands at Ormiston, she was only 13 at the time.

Merle’s first job was at a tailor’s factory at Wynnum, where she folded the clothes ready for packaging and sale. At 15, Merle started assistant nursing at Bayview Private Hospital and on her days off, she helped others in their homes.

In 1956, Merle married Maurice and they moved to Gordon Street, Ormiston where they share farmed with his family until Maurice became ill. Then, Merle and Maurice sold their share of the farm and purchased a concrete truck with Boral.

Merle lost her beloved Maurice in 2009. She has 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

Plus, Merle has been a recipient of the Australia Day Award for Volunteer of the Year.

Coming home from an outing in the community, someone recognised Merle and commented, “Is that Mrs. ……, she’s an ICON of the Redlands.” How lovely!

This Month’s Activities

Beauty Care

A chance for all to have their nails beautified in a relaxed atmosphere.

Welcoming the Commonwealth Games

A get together to discuss the upcoming games and reminisce about past ones.

Morning Tea Outing

Always a great time when both facilities head outdoors to enjoy our beautiful surrounds.

Gardening in Standford

Weeding and planting of new flowers in the garden beds in Stanford.

ANZAC Day Service

Morning Tea followed by a short service to commemorate ANZAC Day.


2nd Muriel
10th Ursula
29th Des