July was another big month at our Wellington Point aged care facility. Our residents celebrated both NAIDOC Week and Christmas in July which was a real hoot!

Christmas in July
We celebrated Christmas in July on Monday the 25th. The kitchen put on a wonderful Christmas feast with mouth-watering Turkey, Baked Ham and Veggies followed by homemade plum pudding and custard. A handful of residents enjoyed a beer or wine, but everyone was keen to crack their bon-bon and pop on the silly crown. It was wonderful to see so many residents and family attend this bit of fun in the middle of winter.

The 3rd of July marked the start of NAIDOC week (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee.) Stanford residents took time during this week to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture by taking part in quizzes, learning interesting facts and even trying their hand at Dot Painting.

Upcoming Activities

EKKA Fun Day in Stanford and Wentworth – 10th August, 10.30am
Its dress up day at Wellington Park! Each year staff dress up in the EKKA Carnival theme to help set the mood for EKKA day. This year we will be having show bags, guessing competitions, craft displays, farm animals and much more.

Outing to the Redlands Library and Café – 24th August, 9.45am
Residents from both buildings will be heading down to the local Library to take part in the new “keep calm” program. They will also have some time to explore the library or just relax, enjoying a cappuccino in the company of friends.

Fathers Day Morning Tea – 2nd September, 10.00am
Wentworth and Stanford will be celebrating Fathers Day and hosting a morning tea. A Fathers day raffle is currently in the Wentworth foyer and will move to Stanford on the 22nd of August. The raffle will be drawn in the Stanford building, during the morning tea celebration. All are welcome to come join in, please let us know if you would like to attend.


2nd Mercy (turning 100)
5th Betty
6th Rita
16th Judith
21st Margaret
31st Alan