Last month our Wellington Park, Redlands Aged Care Residents had a very busy July with a variety of activities such as local outings, Xmas in July and many visits from some cuddly friends.


On the 5th of July, we celebrated NAIDOC Week. We had an interesting discussion about the Aboriginal arts that they use to do in their caves as well as a quiz about Aboriginal words and their culture. The residents really enjoyed their Aboriginal dot painting craft.

Combined Outing for a Yum Cha lunch in Cleveland

On the 12th, the Stanford and Wentworth residents went on a combined outing to enjoy a delicious lunch out, at the Happy Gardens Chinese Restaurant, with a scrumptious YUM CHA menu. All the Residents loved the selection offered on the Yum Cha menu as they got to choose what they liked. One lady just wanted everything, and then decided it was all too much and shared it around with everyone else.

Bastille Day Coffee Shop

On the 15th, Lifestyle dressed up with their berets and served up fresh croissants and cappuccinos for the residents to enjoy, followed by a few games and discussions about Bastille.

A Windy Outing to Whiskey Business

On Wednesday the 19th, the residents from Stanford went on their first trip to Whiskey Business for morning tea. This was also the day the Westerly Winds decided to pay us a visit. The food and drinks were scrumptious but the wind was something different. It gave everyone a chance to rug up with blankets and rugs supplied by the venue, the only thing missing was a log fire. One of our residents comment regarding the wind was, “It’s lovely, it makes you feel like a real person, it makes you feel alive.”

Ballroom Dancing with Glenys and Brian

On the 19th, Cha cha cha!!! The morning was set in Wentworth with all the bright colours from Glenys’s dress. Residents went back in time when watching Gleny and Brian go through the steps of each and every dance. It was such an amazing day with lots of dancing and reminiscing.

Women’s Friendship Group

On the 20th, the ladies spent the afternoon preparing Moroccan Orange dessert for their afternoon tea. A simple dish made with navel oranges, cinnamon and sugar, served with ice cream and whipped cream on the side. The residents couldn’t get over the smell which then triggered back to all their cooking days and old recipes. One lady was our official taste tester, as she couldn’t help prepare the dessert.

Xmas in July High Tea for morning tea.

Merry Christmas from us all.  On the 28th, we all sat down to a high tea filled with treats that are associated with Christmas.  Our residents sat and talked about the time they spent with their family when they were young, then when they had their own children and how toys of today are so easy to come by.

Pet therapy throughout July

Throughout the Month of July, we had lots of animals come to visit our residents. The expressions on our resident’s faces were priceless.  We had a special day of a show and tell with Mr Fatz the Maine Coon cat. Stella the Weimaraner came for a visit as well as our regular companion dog, Lily the beautiful Golden Retriever.

Meet our People

Meet Pamela, who prefers to go by the name of June. 

June was born in Double Bay, Sydney and from a young age discovered she had quite a creative ability. At school, her talent of painting and art was encouraged and further developed. A wise move, as June went on to sell quite a few of her beautiful paintings, some of which can still be seen in her room, today. June also studied and became a florist as well as a Maternity Nurse.

June’s room is adorned with paper flowers which she has made herself, and you can still find her with a pencil, sketching away, anything that her eye captures. June is also very happy to help create anything arty which we require for our theme days. Thank you for sharing your skills with us June, we are very lucky to have you.

This Month’s Activities

Shopping at Woolies – 2nd August 10.00am

Residents visit the local supermarket to purchase goods for themselves.

Vintage Apron Cafe outing – 9th August 10:00am

Come and enjoy a cuppa and cake, at Capalaba Central’s Vintage Apron Café. We will be arriving there around 10am.

Ekka Craft – 10th August 10:30am

Ekka craft will be creating seed art pictures for display on the day. Come along and show your creative side.

Ekka fun day (Hotdogs for lunch) – 16th August 11:00am

Come on along, come on along!!!! Come down and join in the fun and stay for lunch and fun at the fair. Let Staff know if you would like to attend.

Outing to the Redlands Sporting Club – 23rd August 11:00am

An outing for lunch at the Redlands Sporting Club, Stanford and Wentworth will be joining up for this outing.  Come down and enjoy a nice lunch with us and listen to the music.

Music Therapy with Darryn – 29th August 10:30am

An outing for lunch at the Redlands Sporting Club, Stanford and Wentworth will be joining up for this outing.  Come down and enjoy a nice lunch with us and listen to the music.


5th Betty
8th Dennis
16th Judith
20th Ross
21st Margaret (Tammy)
26th Charles
29th Allan
30th Marjorie
31st Alan
31st Graham