Last month we celebrated the arrival of summer with a beachfront outing, a BBQ Luncheon and a Summer Cocktail Party!

Aquatic Paradise Beachfront Outing
On Wednesday 16th November, Stanford residents enjoyed an outing to Aquatic Paradise beachfront in Birkdale. They enjoyed a fun filled morning outside in the fresh air, smelling the sea breeze and looking at the boats as they went past. They enjoyed their morning tea in the park.

Celebrating Summer with a BBQ Luncheon
On Wednesday 23rd November, we celebrated the coming of summer with a delicious BBQ luncheon in Stanford and Wentworth. Residents enjoyed the taste of rissoles and sausages cooked on the BBQ served with some scrumptious salads on the side. We love when we see family members join us on these occasions as it makes it all very homely!

Summer Cocktail Party
On Friday 1st December, Wentworth residents celebrated the first day of summer with a cocktail party. Residents had an arrangement of food, asparagus rolled in german veal slices and cream cheese stuffed prunes and sandwich fingers served with a delicious cocktail of Blue Heaven. For those that didn’t want one, lemonade was on offer. We also had a new man, Bill, who just arrived a day prior, he and his wife Marie were also celebrating their 65th Wedding anniversary that day. Congratulations to them..

This Month’s Activities

Residents Meeting in Stanford– 19th December @ 10.30am
An avenue for resident or family members to discuss or put forth any concerns or compliments.

Christmas Outing in Wentworth – 21st December @ 10.30am
Taking our residents out for morning tea to Capalaba Central food court and we will be looking at the beautiful Christmas decorations, then go over and visit Santa.

Residents Christmas Party Luncheon in Stanford and Wentworth – 22nd December @ 11.00am
Lifestyle staff will be putting on a luncheon for our residents to celebrate Christmas. Santa will be coming to visit the residents and we will be giving out presents. The Christmas raffle will also be drawn, make sure you have your tickets ready!


3th Elizabeth
11th Janet
22nd Alan
28th Sherrie
28th Joan