Last month our Brisbane Aged Care residents had a very busy time with lots of events such as celebrating Melbourne Cup and Remembrance Day.

Entertainment with Matty

Today the music and singing pumped throughout the Wellington Park aged care facility, with the residents enjoying that one on one interaction with Matty. Even the one who goes for a little walk and tries to enter the room without being noticed can be caught unaware. It truly was a fantastic morning.

Melbourne Cup Fun

Today all the stallions and fillies at Wellington Park got out of the stables and onto the field. Residents topped off their outfits with hats and ties made for the event.

Champagne corks popped while a delicious lunch of roast chicken and salad, as well as a trifle, served up for dessert.

The day had trivia and a quiz, with invitations to stay and watch the race. The cup sweeps had quite a few “winners are grinners” and some wishing they were.

The ponies were brought down from the farm while the residents gathered outside to give a pat and piece of apple to Sherlock and Rusty. We then had our own Melbourne cup race with the horses racing (walking on a lead) to the finish line.

Remembrance Day

We decorated the rooms with respect for Remembrance Day to remember our heroes with a tribute to the fallen. Residents laid wreaths, made speeches and read poems.

It was a very moving service with many positive comments from the residents.

Pamper Time

YES PLEASE, pick me for pampering. With the tables looking so beautifully dressed, one can’t help but feel special. Those who chose to attend this activity were given a nice hot cuppa and some exceptional hand care, with a choice of polish to put the finishing touch on.

Eden Farm Time

A picture speaks a thousand words. From the smiling face of one to the deep in thought posture of another, the residents enjoy their time at Eden Farm.

The contented animals were getting on with their day, while the curious one comes closer to see if anything is on offer.

Creation for an Occasion

Wow, it’s getting towards that time of year again where it’s not quite Jack Frost nipping at our toe’s but more like rusty Holden ute’s, esky’s, singlets, shorts and thongs.

In preparation for the festive season, the residents enjoyed making and decorating small Christmas gift boxes, which can sit perfectly on the Christmas tree and be used for small gifts or decoration.

Who said Christmas is only for Children? HO HO HO…

Meet our People

Meet Noreen Stewart, who has just reached the 100-year milestone on Sunday 18th November.

Noreen was born in Gympie and moved to Brisbane when she was five years old. She is one of nine children, she has three children, three Grand Children and five Great Grand Children.

She spent her early years working as a seamstress and then as a conductress on the trams during the war.

Her family describes her as a real character who always loved to laugh.

Noreen is a resident at Wellington Park Private Care where she is loved and cared for by the staff.

This Month’s Activities

Volunteers Christmas Party

Today we thank those wonderful volunteers who give freely of themselves all year long to bring a little joy into the lives of others.

Vintage Voice

A group of singers to entertain Wentworth.

Christmas Bingo in Stanford

Bingo is Bingo, the cards just change.

Christmas Craft in Stanford

Residents will try their hand at making some decorations.

Ecumenical Choir in Wentworth

Volunteers from various church congregations come together to sing Christmas hymns for the residents.

Residents’ Christmas party and lunch

The residents of Wellington Park will get a visit from the man in the Red Suit.

Carols by Candle Light in Diamond

Christmas songs come alive.

New Year celebration in Stanford

Time to check on last years resolutions and make new ones. Champagne!!!


8th Jeanette
11th Paul
28th Joan