Last month our Redland City Aged Care residents had a very busy January with lots of activities such as celebrating Australia Day and a combined facility outing.

Entertainment with Nathaniel on flute

Our residents are lucky to enjoy a variety of Musicians throughout the year.

One of their favourites is Nathaniel, who specializes in playing the flute and piano as well as an assortment of wind instruments. Nathaniel also quizzes our residents on the tunes, which prompts thinking and reminiscing.

Some Aussie Craft

After the recent storm activity, there was a lot of loose foliage around. Our Residents used this foliage to create some beautiful artwork, which was used to decorate our Function room for Australia Day.

It’s always a big bonus when family members can join in. Although, our craft activities can also be enjoyed by those who wish to participate in their own rooms.

Golf Buggy Drives to Eden Farm

Visiting Eden Farms is always a great opportunity for our Wentworth residents to enjoy some time in the fresh air. Some of our residents were taken up by wheelchair whilst others had a ride in the Golf Buggy.

Feeding the chickens and the always hungry goats, was on the agenda. A few residents reminisced about their own farms. A lovely morning was had by all.

Combined facility outing – Picnic at Wellington Point

What a wonderful way to escape the heat with a picnic Morning tea at the Beautiful Wellington Point Esplanade, which is right on our doorstep. About 15 residents attended, 2 staff and 3 volunteers attended as well as some family members who joined us there.

There was a delicious variety of fruit and cakes, with beverages that were enjoyed by all.

Following the morning tea, was a walk near the water or down the pier, with some residents happy to sit amongst the cool breezes, enjoying the serenity and the scenery. It was a very clear day and made for crystal clear water, with a few fish caught by locals, that were shown to residents.

Cold Cooking

Stanford residents got together this morning to make an Aussie Fruit Salad, fruits were sliced and chopped by residents who were very keen to show they still had the skills. Others watched and chatted about the various fruits whilst taking in the scents.

Once the mango had been diced, there was a keen resident ready to tackle that mango seed the way it should be eaten. Everyone enjoyed the delicious flavours of the fruits.

Aussie Day Fun throughout the Facility

Our residents were invited to wear an Aussie item, to celebrate our Nations Day. Billy Tea made in stainless pots was on offer along with warm Damper served with butter and Golden Syrup.

Australian Lingo was read, with lots of laughing as residents were invited to guess the meanings as well as playing some Aussie songs with residents joining in and a game of throw the thong into the bucket.

We ended the morning with our National Anthem, with some opting to stand for this. It was a really great morning!

Meet our People

Meet Lilly, our gorgeous Companion Dog who is almost 2 years old and a Golden Retriever. She’s also known as Lilly Pilly or Wormy, as she likes to lay on the ground, with her back legs behind her and wriggle!

Lilly began coming to visit staff and residents when she was just eight weeks old. Back then she was carried or given a ride on residents walkers. Lilly has 3 homes, one with Mum Kim (AIN) & Dad Ross, another with Granny Lyn (RN) & Grandpa Arthur and the third is with us here at WPPC.

Lilly loves our Oldies as well as with the treats they give out. She also loves her softball (which doubles as her pillow), her squeaky toy, other dogs, a swim and laying on the lounge with Mum plus having her teeth brushed, which happens every night.

Lilly does have some dislikes, being the vacuum cleaner and being yelled at. Our clever, active Lilly enjoys all games but is mastering agility training, which includes jumping, going through tunnels and up and down ramps. And lastly, our Lilly loves dressing up, according to the occasion. As seen in the picture, Lilly has had numerous Christmas Outfits, which the residents all had a giggle at.

We love you Lilly and always look forward to seeing you. Thank you for being our four-legged friend, we are so lucky to have you!

This Month’s Activities

Blue Notes Jazz

The Blue Notes Jazz Quartet will be entertaining our Stanford residents.

Pancake Time

Cooking pancakes in Wentworth to mark Shrove Tuesday.

Valentine’s Day

Wentworth and Stanford residents will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a pink and red theme morning tea.

Chinese New Year

Fortune cookies, rice crackers and Oolong tea to bring in the Year of the Dog.

A touch of old Ballroom dance

Glenys and Bryan will be putting on a visual feast with their dancing display in Stanford.


5th Ruth
11th Betty
20th Milly
21st Margaret
21st Beth
26th Bernie