Last month our Wellington Park Redlands Aged Care residents had a very busy December with lots of Christmas and New Year’s activities.

Christmas Gala Ball in Wentworth with Stanford residents including Family Members

Around 50 residents and guests enjoyed a spectacular afternoon, as we christened our new Activity Room in style. Our residents received a corsage on arrival along with a glass of bubbly.

The dancers included our regular Ballroom dancers, Glenys and Bryan, who performed all the classics. They danced with anyone who wanted to dawn the dance floor. We were lucky to have 8 dancers from the local Scottish group perform some dancers. Then, they joined in other activities and stayed until the end.

One of our staff members performed a traditional Russian dance, which brought the room to much applause.

Our residents enjoyed a delicious buffet supper and petit fours for dessert. There were lots of laughs and plenty of enjoyment as we all joined hands finishing the evening with a hearty version of Auld Lang Syne.

A visit to The Bush Pantry Café at Myhorizon

Our Stanford residents had their first visit to The Bush Pantry café, which has a picturesque bush setting. Everyone enjoyed sitting outside with their delicious morning treat of coffees, homemade scones, milkshakes and hot chips. Some even had a little browse at handmade crafts.

Checking out the Christmas Lights in the Redlands

Some of our residents were keen to take a look at homes in our local area, which had been decorated for Christmas. We set off in a Maxi Taxi around 6pm along with a lucky family member. Singing Jingle Bells as we left, waving to the staff, we headed to the Uniting Church at Cleveland.

Although it wasn’t quite time, the lights were turned on especially for us. We continued to drive around until just after 7:30 pm, when all returned, tired but very happy with what they had seen.

We were all truly amazed at the efforts of our local community.

Carols by Candlelight in Wentworth

What a privilege it was to have family members lead us as well as join us for this very special morning. Sheldon, the son of one of our residents, sang with his powerful Opera voice, alongside his talented wife Louise whilst hearing her play the piano.

Christmas hats were worn and candles were held, to get us all in the Festive Mood. Residents enjoyed singing along to all the old-time favourites.

Ecumenical singers visiting Stanford for Christmas carols

Everyone was excited to participate in the selection of hymns and Christmas songs, performed by the wonderful Ecumenical Choir. The residents were happy to chat when the singers stopped for a break.

The Resident’s Christmas parties in Wentworth and Stanford

A lovely hot Christmas lunch was served to all residents, with Santa also coming along to distribute presents to those in their rooms, who could not attend. Residents witnessed a very special moment when one of our residents, Owen, presented his wife Flo with a beautiful gift of flowers and chocolates.

Dulcie in Stanford was thrilled to get a present, even more so when she realized Santa had given it!

New Year celebrations in Wentworth and Stanford

Party hats were worn, glasses were filled, resolutions discussed and songs sung as we set the scene for the upcoming New Year! Also, a version of the Hokey Pokey danced.

It was lovely to have a few family members join us including one visiting from Broome, WA.

Of course, there was a countdown and poppers let off with the noise of the blowing whistles could be heard down the halls. Happy New Year all!!

Meet our People

Meet Dennis, who was born in the U.K but calling Australia home when he was 23 years old.

Dennis came from Manchester, and has always been a huge Man United supporter. He still hails his team as the greatest!

Dennis has a love for Golf and was an expert player, having a handicap of 9, who to this day is happy to share his putting tips with us, when we play indoor golf.

Dennis didn’t like school much unless he was playing sport. He was captain of the Swimming team, Football team and the Cricket team. Despite his lack of interest as a scholar, Dennis became an electrician, having his own business for 20 years.

Retiring at 65, Dennis has remained very active with daily exercises as well as regularly taking himself to visit the animals on our farm. You can always give Dennis a microphone, as he is happy to share a song or two.

In fact, there is never a dull moment, with Dennis around!

This Month’s Activities

A visit from Entertainer Nathaniel

Our Standford residents will enjoy listening to Nathaniel play tunes on the flute.

Golf Buggy Drives to Eden Farm

Short trips to Eden Farm from Wentworth, using golf buggy, weather permitting.

Picnic at Wellington Point

Wentworth and Standford residents will be taking advantage of our Beautiful Redlands, with a trip to the water.

Aussie Day Fun

Celebrating Australia Day in both buildings, with authentic food and games.

Craft in Wentworth

Getting ready for the Chinese New Year making Chinese Lanterns in Wentworth.


15th Margaret C
16th Edna
18th Cecil
22nd Valerie
28th Keith
30th Jane