Last month our Wellington Park, Brisbane Aged Care Residents had a very busy June with a variety of activities such as local outings, European Morning Tea and entertainment by Lachlan Barry.

Winter Wonderland Luncheon

On Thursday 1st June, after a long hot summer, we enjoyed pulling out the woollies and enjoying a hearty warm Winter Wonderland Luncheon. There was a winter menu which consisted of slow cooked pulled beef served on a Yorkshire pudding with roasted potatoes and veggies. Beanies and scarves were the requirements plus the residents and families were more than happy to join in the fun.

Outing to the Local Shopping Centre

On Wednesday 7th June, residents enjoyed their monthly shopping trip to the Alexandra Hills shopping centre, to purchase their necessities. They also indulged in morning tea from the local coffee shop, Michele’s Patisserie.  Residents choose their desired morning tea, some having cappuccinos and cake, while others had a scrumptious bacon and egg sandwich accompanied by a cuppa tea.

World Ocean Day

On Thursday 8th June, our Wentworth residents took pleasure in World Ocean Day with some painting and a craft morning. They all put in a lot of effort trying their artistic skills in painting and fishing skills when hooking up a line. All the fishing yarns were brought up by the men in the group. And you guessed it especially “the one that got away”

European Morning Tea

On Monday 12th June, residents had the benefit of a European Morning Tea to wish our Jo Fazio off on her adventure. Jo went through the world map and showed the group where she is jetting off to.  Jo told us she is travelling to Singapore, then onto Paris, Spain, Italy and then to England for a families wedding. With 7 members of her own family.

Entertainer Lachlan Barry

On Thursday 15th June, once again our residents thoroughly enjoyed listening to this young man Lachlan sing. They also had the pleasure of meeting the lady that pushed him into the singing pathway, his grandma. It was lovely for her to spend the hour watching her grandson sing and seeing the residents singing and clapping along.

Darryn’s Music Therapy

On Wednesday 21st, What can I say this guy just has is all… Darryn just loves to entertain our residents, including them into round robbins, competitions against each other – who’s the best singer, Boys or Girls… Always the girls!!!! And when everyone leaves they are filled with such happiness and excitement that he shares with us all throughout the morning.

Women’s Friendship Group

On Thursday 22nd, our group entails the ladies getting together and enjoying afternoon tea whilst chatting about different topics. This week we read out a couple of different books which were Louisa Atkinson’s Nature Notes and looked throughout the book of hand painted artwork and Animal Record Breakers which we all found very intriguing and some of the photos were hilarious.

Visit to the Redlands Museum with the Circle of Men

On Monday 26th, the Circle of Men decided to go on an outing, to the Redlands Museum with our men.  ‘Amazing experience’ one chap said, ‘brought back a lot of memories of things we use to have and also used’. They were treated to one of the ladies playing the ‘Pianola’ and with enjoyment, they all watched on and sang to the tunes. You had to be fit to play one of those instruments. A fabulous day and by all those that went.

Meet our People

Meet Maureen, born and bred in Brisbane almost 100 years ago!!! Yes, Maureen will celebrate her Centenary birthday with family and friends this coming September.

Maureen worked in an office for many years as a clerk, marrying the love of her life William (known to all as Chappie) in 1944. As a youngster Maureen enjoyed camping holidays, gaining a love for the outdoors. This would continue with her own family spending their camping holidays at Mt Tamborine.

When asked about life and any tips Maureen has on longevity Maureen states, “I never expected to get to 100. I have seen lots of changes, most for the better, although I did like the simplicity we had” adding “ I’m lucky, I have family, good coffee, crosswords, my weekly ice cream and of course my bingo, for that I couldn’t be HAPPIER”

We look forward to celebrating with Maureen in September!!!

This Month’s Activities

NAIDOC Week– 5th July 10.30am

On Wednesday 5th, we will be celebrating and talking about our history in Australia. Residents will enjoy the delights of aboriginal painting and bark painting. Keep an eye out for our beautiful designs.

Combined outing for a Yum Cha lunch in Cleveland – 12th July 10:30am

On Wednesday 12th, Stanford and Wentworth will join together for a YUM CHA Luncheon in Cleveland. The taxis will leave WPPC at 10.30am, so if you have any free time please come and join us for lunch.

Bastille Day Coffee Shop – 13th July 10:30am

Wee Wee Misure/Mademoiselle, on Thursday 13th, we are having a French morning tea for Bastille Day. Wear a beret hat or even a moustache. Come in and have a coffee/tea with your loved one.

Ballroom Dancing with Glenys – 19th July 10:30am

On Wednesday 19th in Wentworth, residents will get the pleasure of watching Glenys and her partner ballroom dance. It will be a great turn out for residents to reminisce about their time on the dance floor. Glenys loves to dress up in ballroom attire and the ladies love it, oh and the men.

Xmas in July High Tea for morning tea – 28th July 10:30am

On Friday 28th, we are going to celebrate Christmas in July, by having a ‘HIGH TEA’ morning tea. Songs to be sung and delicious food to be eaten. Please see our lifestyle staff if you would like to join us for the morning.


7th Deniss
10th William
13th Samira
20th Bryan