Last month our Brisbane Aged Care residents had a very busy June with lots of events such as morning tea, a pampering session for the ladies and a Winter Luncheon as well as an introduction to Tai Chi with a ‘Chi Kung’ session.

Wentworth Welcome Morning Tea

Beanies were out and scarves thrown on as we Welcomed Winter with a Hot Chocolate and a deliciously Oozing chocolate Lava Cake. Residents had a lovely morning with a winter quiz to rattle our minds, as well as stories from childhood Winters, were shared.

We all enjoyed lots of interesting tales from residents originally from England, as they spoke of snow and building snowmen, from days gone by.

Beauty Care in Stanford

Today the ladies were treated to a luxurious morning of pampering. Soft music was playing in the background as hands were gently being caressed by the warm, fragrant water, set the mood for the morning session. Nails were trimmed, manicured and painted on request.

Everyone was left feeling like a million dollars.

Exercise Fun

It’s always a fun time when the balloons and batons come out! It took our residents no time at all to keep the volleys going, so, with that, we introduced three balloons. The competition was on, and as one gentleman said, “being next to an ex-tennis player, I had no chance as Joyce beat me every time.”

An introduction to Tai Chi with “Chi Kung” in Wentworth

How fortunate we are to have not one, but two Tai Chi instructors amongst us! One of our residents, John has been an instructor for years, gaining a lot of experience from training in China. His wife, Ellen, took up the art also and together they make a great team. They were more than happy to share what they know with us.

17 residents learnt the history of Tai Chi as well as some of the moves of Chi Kung,  a seated version, with so many getting involved! It was a pleasure to watch the enthusiasm, all voted, this will now be a regular activity!

Welcome Winter Luncheon in Stanford

All residents in Stanford were invited to come together for lunch. The atmosphere in the room was happy and cheery, with residents happily greeting each other. On the menu was homemade chicken and vegetable soup plus and a mouth-watering pineapple slice, topped off with a dollop of honey cream. Conversation of “soup like mum made” flowed as freely as the soup on our menu.

With everyone together, there was a lot of wonderful, happy, loving and funny interaction with our residents and staff.

Ballroom Dancing in Stanford

The ballroom dancers gave a beautiful display. The theme was on the royal wedding that had recently taken place. Some of our residents got into the swing and joined the dancers on the floor.

A King and Queen of the dance were chosen. This lively couple had others in laughter with their right royal requests.

A Visit to Wentworth by Prue & the Kensington Kids

An active morning as Prue and the children from Kensington Kids visited us. To see how much these little ones had grown and advanced, was a topic everyone was talking about.

Together with the residents, they all painted to create the backdrop for the mural we had been working. They all played instruments, sang songs and did lots of running around as well as plenty of laughter was heard throughout the morning!

Nathaniel Plays the Flute

Nathaniel played the flute for our residents in the dementia specific unit of Pearl. Everyone was captivated by the beautiful music. Some residents chose to sing along to some tunes while others were happy to listen.

One of the residents who has a room near the lounge commented that she would happily go, lay on the bed and let the music lull her to sleep.

Meet our People

Meet Betty, a lady whose smile and chuckle light up the room! Born in New Zealand, Betty grew up in Lower Hutt. When she was in her early 20’s, she crossed the waters to make Australia home.

Betty enjoyed coastal areas and being a very physically active, well-organised woman. She was in her element running Motels in the Whitsundays with Airlie Beach as her favourite. Betty has a Daughter and two Grand Daughters, who jointly agree that Betty could never do enough for them or anyone. She enjoys singing, knitting and loved line dancing! Betty beams during musical activities and also enjoys being outside, where she has the chance to soak up the fresh air while admiring any blooms that are out.

Visits from our companion dog Lilly also has the ability to make Betty show us that beautiful smile, as Betty has always loved dogs.

Keep smiling Betty. We adore you!

This Month’s Activities

Happy Hour

Wentworth Residents try Happy Hour

Lunch Outings

Some of our residents will enjoy a Chinese Buffet lunch at Westlake

eMJays Coffee Shop

eMJays with a touch of France

Bastille Day Morning Tea

Morning tea & quiz in Stanford to Celebrate Bastille Day

Christmas in July

Christmas Early with a lunch to celebrate Christmas in July in both buildings. Family is more than welcome but requires RSVP (Contact Lifestyle)


6th Norma
10th William
11th Myris
20th Bryan