Last month our Redland City Aged Care residents had a very busy May with lots of events such as Mother’s Day crafts, music therapy and a local outing.

Mother’s Day Craft

Today our ladies enjoyed making beautifully decorated love heart boxes to be used as decorations for the Mother’s Day morning tea. Each box was unique, and the ladies made comments like, “yours looks better than mine” and “have I put enough decorations on”. They all concluded that all the boxes were beautiful.

Craft in Wentworth

As the Royal Wedding was taking place in May, we discussed all the thoughts the brides and grooms might have. Then we created pictures based on the words we had come up with, using buttons, which were donated by staff and family members. Some found this a little tricky, but had a significant input to the button colours chosen, and gave it their best shot. As you can see, the results were lovely.

Mother’s Day Morning Tea

All were welcome, as we brought out the china tea sets, and served petit fours at our High Tea, to celebrate Mothers Day.

Wentworth residents were thrilled with their surprise, a performance from our very talented Piano Teacher, Sherri, who was also on hand to draw our Mother’s Day Raffle. A couple of our male residents were delighted to be among the winners! You could hear a pin drop as everyone listened to those beautiful tunes played. All Mums received a scroll with a lovely poem written and chocolates.

A Lovely morning had by all. The ladies and gentlemen of Stanford enjoyed their morning in much the same way and also engaged in some trivia as they waited in anticipation for the raffle results.

Music Therapist in Diamond (Wentworth)

Oliver Sacks M.D (Professor of Neurology) once wrote: “I regard Music Therapy as a tool of great power in many neurological disorders….because of its unique cerebral function when it has been damaged”.

We are fortunate to have discovered our own Music Therapist, Anita, who is currently performing regularly in our Dementia Areas, with all other residents also welcome to join in. Anita’s Music Therapy comes with variety and challenges, which our residents really enjoy.

This month they wrote a song together, all about their Favourite things! Anita encouraged ideas, then, using the whiteboard the words were written and finally, put to a melody. It was wonderful to see the looks on the resident’s faces when she played “Their Song”!

eMJays Coffee Shop – Volunteer recruit (W)

As National Volunteers Week takes place in May, we decided to have a morning to remind everyone how important the role of a volunteer is.

We had our monthly eMJays, with use of our fabulous coffee machine, for delicious cappuccinos. Games were played, along with puzzles to exercise our brains as well as a surprise visit from a family member’s Great Dane, Diesel, which topped off a great morning.

Lunch Outing to the Bush Pantry

With our new entry now complete, three taxis easily loaded up 10 Wentworth residents, two volunteers and one staff member for an outing to the local Bush Pantry Cafe, which is run by the My Horizon Organization.

Everyone chose food to their liking with some enjoying a cappuccino while all enjoying being out and about. It was lovely to be served and waited on by young people with such enthusiasm and passion for what they do.

All voted! We will return!

Meet our People

Meet Joan, who was born in Melbourne, lived in Sydney and then finally moved to Brisbane. Joan started school in Annerley and later went to Business College, which led her into secretarial work.

Joan worked for many years as secretary to J. C. Tully, Director of Industrial Development. Joan says he was the father of Paul Tully (Ipswich Council).

When Joan married Keith, a motor mechanic who did further studies to attain a management position in Telecom, she had to give up her secretarial position in the government as the rules in those days stated that only single women could hold government jobs.

Joan says that after ten years of marriage they had their twin boys, which made their family complete. Joan says they danced a lot as Keith was an excellent dancer. He also taught her to play golf.

Sadly, when the boys were in their late teens, Joan lost her beloved husband and the boys their father.
Life did go on, and Joan continued to play golf and make some yearly trips overseas to America and Asia with some friends.

These days Joan knits and donates beanies for premmie babies.

This Month’s¬†Activities

Welcome Winter morning tea in Stanford and Wentworth

Residents will sit down to a heartwarming morning tea with some winter-related activities.

Beauty care in Stanford

It’s a little bit of luxurious pampering time.

Craft in Wentworth

Wentworth residents will create a mural for World Oceans Day.

Exercise time in Wentworth

An introduction to Tail Chi with “Chi Kung” being introduced as a new form of Exercise.

Ballroom Dancers in Stanford

Our residents will see the return of the colourful ballroom dancers.

Kensington Kids visit in Wentworth

Bright colours and toys as our Activity Room becomes a kiddies zone, interaction with the children from Kensington Kids Day Care.

Nathaniel in Stanford

Flute music will fill the air in our Dementia Specific Unit and then continue in the main Activity Room.


5th Reginald
6th Patricia
13th Daphne
14th Desmond
18th Pamela
18th Marlene
23rd Owen