Last month our Brisbane Aged Care residents had a very busy March with lots of events such as Commonwealth Games activities and an ANZAC day service.

Let the Games Begin!

Our Wentworth residents got into the Commonwealth Games spirit, learning all about the games, the mascot, the events, and so much more. The activity room looked sensational decorated with the competing country’s flags.

Our residents all got involved and played a game where we used Batons to hit the balloons across the tables. There were lots of laughs as we tried to keep the balloons afloat and increase our volley number. The competition was on!

Outing Morning Tea Wentworth & Stanford

We decided to enjoy our beautiful location, Eden Farm, for today’s picnic. Although the skies looked doubtful, we set up tables and kept our fingers crossed! We packed some blankets, filled the golf buggy up and away we went.

The day turned out excellent, as 17 residents joined us for coffee, tea, delicious cakes and a fun game of I spy.  The animals had some treats themselves with lettuce scraps, seeds, and bread. Everyone was Happy!

Cooking Fun in Stanford

Today it was nachos on the cooking menu. One of our residents was happy to step up and prep the food while the others were happy to give instructions on how to do it. When the nachos were cooking the aroma invaded the room.

Much laughter was had while eating the nachos, with comments like, ‘USE YOUR FINGERS”, “LOOK AT THAT CHEESE STRETCHING” and “I WON’T WANT LUNCH”.

Morning Tea at Poro Cafe

The Poro Café is located in the Finlandia village. A group of 13 went along for morning tea to enjoy the delicious tastes of Finland.

Not everyone was eager to order the unknown, but a few brave residents did. All residents enjoyed their choices. Extra cinnamon scrolls were ordered, sliced and served to the other residents who then decided they would like to try some because everyone else was commenting how yummy they were.

A lovely cultural morning was had by all.

Sing-a-long fun!

Who likes a sing-a-long? Our residents sure do, so when Alistair and Lyn join us, everyone takes turns singing with the microphone. Lots of smiles, as tunes from days gone by, were sung by all.

Plus, we had a visit from our companion dog Lilly, with pats and cuddles on offer, our morning was complete!

ANZAC Day Commemorations

About 25 residents and family members came together in Wentworth, to share morning tea and reflect on ANZAC day through a moving ceremony.

Poems, prayers and tributes were made to those who fought for us all. On completion, some of us went outside to the Flagpole where our beautiful Australian native Wreath was laid.

Stanford had 20 residents and family members present for the morning tea and service. The music and both National Anthems were so powerful that emotions ran high and there was not a dry eye to be found.

Meet our People

Meet Jennifer, known by choice as Jenni. A very cultured lady, who was born in London U.K. She grew up in the South of England, during the war years. In 1950, when Jenni was 17 years old, she came to Australia. She met her beloved, John five years later, in NSW.

John and Jenni wed in 1958, with the addition of their two children, Stephen and Carolyn, they endured a happy life. Although Jenni chose a clerical pathway for work, her love of writing led her to gain a Bachelor of Arts, at the University of Queensland. Jenny wrote many journals, which are still with her today.

In the year 2000, John and Jenni purchased a sailing boat named “Giedi”. At first, they enjoyed short trips away, learning how to manage such a large vessel while John was still working. Soon after, they made a life-changing decision to sail the waters on a more permanent basis, cruising up and down the coast from NSW to Cairns for the next ten years!

They eventually settled at Coochie Mudlo Island, ensuring their love of the water, would still be in sight. Nowadays, Jenni reflects on those times, with a big smile.

You can also find Jenni in front of the piano as she still enjoys having weekly music lessons. We all enjoy hearing her beautiful voice as she sings along.

This Month’s Activities

Mother’s Day Craft in Stanford

As Mother’s Day approaches, Stanford residents will make ornamental boxes and hearts to either use as decorations or give to others.

Royal Wedding Time

With the Royal Wedding taking place this month, we will be making pictures related to love, using old buttons!

Mother’s Day Morning Tea

Both Wentworth and Stanford will celebrate Mother’s Day with a Morning Tea and the drawer of the Raffle.

Volunteer Recruit info morning at eMJay’s Coffee Shop

To coincide with Volunteers Week in May, we will be combining our Monthly Coffee Shop with an information morning for anyone thinking about joining our team of Volunteers.

Anita our Music Therapist performs

Stanford residents will be able to come together in the Pearl lounge area to interact and engage with Anita, our Musical Therapist.

Combined Lunch Outing

Wentworth and Stanford residents will enjoy lunch in Nature’s own backyard at The Bush Pantry, Capalaba.


2nd Ethel
3rd Blanche
6th Elisabeth
7th Patricia
15th Renee
17th Merle
18th Janice
25th Olive
27th Joyce
28th Ursula