On the 7th of March we enjoyed our first of many afternoon get togethers. We celebrated this day for International Women’s Day with wine, cheeses and one of our ladies had a wee drop of Drambue.

In conversation, the ladies have decided that they would enjoy an afternoon a week where they can come together as a group and have a good old chit chat without the hustle and bustle of daily activities. So as of every Monday afternoon, we now have Our Women’s Friendship Group.

On the 23rd of March, we enjoyed a beautiful morning tea with our residents to celebrate Easter. They enjoyed nice warm hot cross buns with melted butter. Our Easter Raffle was drawn by our fellow residents and some people just have all the luck… Des with his $20 worth of tickets, won 1st prize which was a portable BBQ!  His friend Sammi said to him “Shall I go and buy some meat?? You can cook!”.

Winners of the Raffle       

1st – Des E (yellow 82)
2nd – Sherrie D (purple 63)
3rd – Ray B (orange 78)
4th – Vicki F (green 67)
5th – Sherrie D (purple 61)
6th – Diana B (green 79)
7th – Sherrie D (blue 41)
8th – Jodie W (orange 11)
9th – Des E (yellow 79)

Upcoming Events

Treehouse Family Daycare in Stanford – 7th April @ 10.00am.
A visit from the young children and enjoy a  Morning tea.

Outing to the Equestrian Centre in Thornlands – 27th April @ 10.00am
To enjoy a nice morning tea out.

Blue Notes Jazz Quartet in Wentworth – 18th April @ 10.30am
Listening to beautiful Jazz music.

ANZAC Ceremony – 21st April @ 10.30am
Ceremony to remember our fallen and pay our respects.

Upcoming Birthdays

16th Ana
21st George
26th Cynthia
29th Charles (Des)