Last month our Brisbane Aged Care residents had a very busy time with lots of events such as an Oktoberfest Luncheon, a trip to Wellington Point and a variety of activities to celebrate Halloween.

Oktoberfest Luncheon

Today’s luncheon was a hit with the residents, especially those of German origin. We treated everyone to German beer and German food including the good old bratwurst and sauerkraut.

To top it all off, the thigh-slapping traditional German music was played.

Odd Sock Day

Today staff got together to support odd sock day, and the residents were all curious about the team wearing odd socks.

Once we explained to the residents that it was a symbolic message of “it’s okay to be different” they all agreed it was a great idea.

Circle of Men

The Circle of Men is a volunteer organisation who come each Wednesday afternoon. The men gather to discuss issues, tell stories and support each other. The session always ends with a few songs and positive vibes.

If you think you would like to spend time with these amazing men, come along and maybe join the group as a volunteer.

Fancy Ice Cream

As the weather is now warming up there is nothing more enjoyable than delving into some homemade ice cream. Although we had to move the venue indoors due to the unpredictable weather conditions, the residents enjoyed eating this delicious treat.

One resident stated “ice cream can be enjoyed regardless of the weather,” how true this is.

Lady’s Group

Lady’s group is always a lovely afternoon spent over a cuppa and delicious cake. The chit-chat is always interesting with lots of reminiscing and storytelling.

Some days we become creative and try our hand at some craft or discuss how we will organise our next fun theme day.

Fish & Chips at Wellington Point

It was a glorious start to the day with the sunshine and the smell of the ocean in the air. What better place than Wellington Point, to be eating fish and chips straight out of the wrapping.

Wellington Park and Merrimac Park residents all came together for this fun event. It was lovely for everyone to get to know each other.

Halloween Morning Tea

Residents enjoyed a tasty, spooky and colourful morning tea. Staff were all dressed up for the occasion and served up a freaky treat. There were decorated cakes with cobwebs, brains, pumpkins and grey roses.

We completed the feast off with platters of fresh orange coloured fruit as well as bowls filed with creepy lolly snakes, eyeballs and vampire teeth.

We watched some Halloween movies, and a variety of spooky songs played.

Trick or Treat

Wellington Park hosted their annual Trick or Treat afternoon for the residents. Staff are invited to bring their children along, all dressed up in their scariest costumes to Trick or Treat with residents choosing to participate.

The residents love this activity and look forward to seeing the children. What a great way to end the month!

This Month’s Activities

Melbourne Cup Luncheon

Celebrating the race that stops the nation.

Remembrance Day

A morning of remembrance.

Pamper Time

Feel good moments with personal hand care.

Eden Farm Walks

Individual or group walks to the farm.

Concert with Alistair

A regular entertainer for a sing-a-long.

Creation for an Occasion

Residents are going to try their hand at Christmas craft.


16th Sammi
18th Noreen
18th Kenneth
19th Sally
24th Jenni