Last month our Wellington Park, Redlands Aged Care Residents had a very busy September with a variety of activities such as Father’s day morning tea, an outing to Seaton Place and celebrating Maureen’s 100th birthday.

Father’s Day Morning Tea

Our Wentworth residents were fortunate to have our popular entertainer, Jim, perform during our Morning Tea. One of our residents recited his own verse, receiving a grand applause. Hot savouries were served, with chocolates for all. Our Dads & Granddads were thanked and acknowledged with beautiful poems.

Our Stanford Fathers and Grandfathers enjoyed hot savouries and cuppas with those yummy chocolates. Some of our dads had stories to share some funny, some serious. Plus, there were poems and jokes, yes those dreaded DAD jokes. A wonderful morning was had by all who attended.

Making Masks for Brazilian Independence Day

A lot of thought, creativity and laughing went into this activity of making masquerade masks. The guys got right into it, selecting colours and materials they wanted to use whilst the ladies were very impressed with the bright coloured feathers.

Suggestions were made to throw a party so they could wear them. Trivia was read, with a quiz to follow. It was a very enjoyable morning.

Chocolate Milkshake Day

Milkshake day was delicious. The group elected the milkshake maker and then sat back to enjoy. The setting took everyone back to the days of the cafes with the jukebox in the corner, putting your coin in and making your choice of song. All residents had a lovely time reminiscing whilst sipping on their chocolate milkshakes.

Combined Morning Tea and Outing within the Community

Our Wellington Park residents had a lovely morning when visiting Seaton Place at Cleveland. A variety of fruits and delicious treats were served. New friendships were formed as well as some rekindled, as two who had been neighbours in Cleveland, caught up with each other.

Celebrating Maureen’s 100th birthday

A beautiful high Tea, served with delicious petit fours, in a room decorated with purple and pink, set the venue to celebrate this magnificent milestone. Relatives, Friends, Residents and Staff were elated to be a part of Maureen’s 100th Birthday.

She was crowned with a handmade pearl tiara and showered with flowers and gifts. With the added bonus of live entertainment, by Alistair & Lyn and a visit from our companion dog Lilly. This celebration was truly one filled with love & laughter. A truly memorable morning, with the event also captured by the local news team.

A Visit to Eden Farm

The weather, some may say was a little warm, but for those of us who went on the magical journey to Eden Farm would say it was perfect. The animals came in line for their tasty treats and pats. One resident commented it was a little like Noah’s Ark.

Meet our People

Meet Jan, who was born and raised in Rhu, a village on the east shore of the Gare Loch, in Argyll & Bute, Scotland. Jan married a Scotsman named Eric, who was in the Military Defence. Jan and Eric travelled to many parts of the world with Eric’s work.

“I still have such fond memories of the time we spent in The Bahamas, United States of America, Spain, France, Holland, England and Tasmania,” Jan says with a smile. She continued, “My favourite memory was one of my Wedding Anniversaries, which was spent at Buckingham Palace to witness Eric become decorated by the Queen.”

In 1962, Jan migrated with her family of 3 to Australia. She became the first person to computerize rates to the Electoral roll in Nunawading City Council, Melbourne! Jan’s family now consists of lots of Grand Children and Great Grandchildren, spread across the country.

Jan enjoys socialising as well as coming along to lunches and outings whenever she can. Jan also attends most activities, especially the musical ones, as she used to play the piano.

We are so pleased to have you with us Jan and we all enjoy your interesting tales.

This Month’s Activities

Oktoberfest in Wentworth and Stanford

To coincide with the German festivities around this time of year, our residents will have a taste of Germany with a special lunch.

Seaton Place Visiting in Stanford

Residents from Seaton Place will be joining the Stanford and Wentworth residents for morning tea and a visit to Eden Farm. If there are any family members or friends who would like to join us, please get in touch by the week before the event.

Grandparents Day – Kensington Kids Visit in Wentworth

We have a few of the children coming along to visit us. If you think you might enjoy this, come along.

Halloween Craft in Stanford

We are going to attempt some creepy craft! If you’re a crafty kind of person, we would love to have you here.

Halloween Morning Tea in Standford and Wentworth

If you’re looking for something different, this will be a scream. Come along … We dare you. If we don’t know you’re coming, we might get a fright.


4th Dulcie
11th Karen
15th Phyllis
21st Margaret (Kath)
23rd Madeline
27th Thomas