Last month our Redlands Aged Care residents had a very busy September with lots of events such as Chi Kung, Musical Memories and Buggy Rides to Eden Farm as well as a visit from the Bunning Gardening Crew.

Entertainer debut

This morning a new entertainer burst onto our scene. His name is Paul, and he had everyone either singing, clapping or toe-tapping to his music. We had the pleasure of listening to the ukulele and piano and everyone was mesmerised when he sang “The Man from Snowy River.”

He will undoubtedly pop up on our calendar again.

Happy Hour

What an excellent way to spend the afternoon. The conversations flowed as did the beer and wine, for those who enjoyed a drop. Everyone enjoyed the snack plates with a few comments of “we won’t need dinner.”

We also read about the origin of the ‘Happy Hour’ ritual, which was not what anyone expected, but still glad that it exists.

Buggy Rides to Eden Farm

The residents are enjoying their weekly visits to the farm, and the animals are enjoying their treats of being hand fed with carrots and apples while the chickens and ducks are making the most of the bread.

The buggy rides are so much fun, and everyone wants to take a turn being behind the wheel.

Musical Memories

Again the residents were entertained by the fabulous Musical Memories, their many costume changes and funny characters brought a smile to many faces. It truly is a visual feast.

Bunnings Visit

The residents were fortunate enough to have a visit from the Bunning Gardening Crew who helped with a great gardening activity for the morning. Each resident was gifted with a pot and plant to keep and were also given a bag with all sorts of items such as gloves, gardening tools and seedlings. Our patios are now looking fabulous with all the pots of colour.

Chi Kung

The session today had the regulars return for their exercise. The resident group had some questions for our volunteer instructors, who explained the breathing technique.

It is lovely to see the residents embrace Chi Kung with such enthusiasm. It’s the ultimate martial art.

Meet Our People

Meet Norma. She was born in Toowoomba and grew up in Irvingdale. It was in Dalby in the March of 1948 where she married the love of her life, George. Together they went on to have five children, 11 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Norma was a country girl, who rode horses and farmed in her youth, living in rural towns. She worked in the hospitality industry and was also a cafe manageress.

Norma loved knitting, crochet and she was a great cook back in the day, but not anymore. She also played tennis and bowls. The thing that Norma is most proud of is the family she raised, and their achievements, as they had to work hard to get where they are.

This Month’s Activities

Oktoberfest Luncheon

Lunch will have the German theme to celebrate. The perfect time for the amber liquid to flow.

Odd Sock Day

We’re supporting Odd Sock Day at our home. Can’t wait to see what eventuates.

Circle of Men

Volunteer men from within the community visit with our menfolk. Come along and see.

Ice Cream Making

Ice cream made from scratch.

Ladies Group

A time for the ladies to get together over a cuppa.

Outing with Merrimac Park

A lunch date with our sister home from the Gold Coast, to be at Wellington Point.

Halloween morning tea

This is when it all happens. Scary time again.


11th Karen
21st John
27th Thomas