Last month our Wellington Park, Aged Care Residents had a very busy August with a variety of activities such as local outings as well as a range of EKKA activities.

Shopping at Woolies

Last week our residents from Stanford had their once a month, personal shopping trip. With the help of our wonderful volunteers, residents set off in different directions to do their shopping and then to meet up at Michels for a delicious morning tea. Purchases were made, money paid and kind words exchanged. Someone even had time to smell the roses.

EKKA Craft

Stanford residents got right into the swing of things (with their glue brushes) creating some beautiful seed art for our EKKA Day. Pictures were selected and then quite a lot of thought was put into creating their masterpieces.

Farewell Morning Tea for Prue

August the 25th, residents of Stanford got together for morning tea to farewell one of our amazing and much-loved Lifestyle staff. Conversation flowed like the tea and coffee, with stories from the past and promises of visits in the future. There were lots of hugs for everyone.

Likewise in Wentworth, residents enjoyed some farewell moments with Prue, presenting her with their own small gift. Sylvia also sang a song of goodbye, whilst Owen and Jan made heartfelt speeches.

EKKA Games

Lots of fun was had by all who attended our games morning in the Wentworth Function Room, to coincide with the upcoming Ekka. The competition was high, as residents tried to outdo each other’s scores, during table bowls. There were some perfect putters, and tips being shared by those who had been previous golfers or bowlers.

EKKA Fun Day (Hot Dogs for Lunch)

Residents of Stanford and Wentworth celebrated the EKKA being in town with a traditional lunch of hot dogs with cheese, tomato and mustard sauce including strawberry ice cream with cream, wafers and fresh strawberries for dessert. It was a fun day all round with some EKKA trivia and a few quizzes. We shared fond, past memories and facts. There was also a ‘Guess the Lolly jar’ competition, which all who attended, participated in. As you can see, there were some very happy winners!

Outing to the Redlands Sporting Club

15 residents from Stanford and Wentworth, along with two staff and two volunteers, had a wonderful time at the Redlands Sporting Club. Some enjoyed a beverage or two, all enjoyed lunch of their own choice, with Tempura battered whiting and chips, which was definitely a winner ! As lawn bowls were in play, and line dancers were strutting their stuff, everyone had something to look at. A very tired bunch came home, with lots of smiles, just in time for afternoon tea and a nap.

Meet our People

Meet Vincent, preferably known to all as Vince. Vince was an only child, born and raised in South Brisbane. He had a love of sport, from a young age, playing both Tennis and Rugby League.

Vince was schooled at Dutton Park, entering the retail industry when he finished his education. He became a Sales Representative, winning many awards. He progressed to a Production Supervisor for Edgells, a role he enjoyed very much. Vince speaks fondly of past memories, remembering many evenings spent at Cloudland and Newfarm, at the Old Time Dances, with three other mates. “We would dance from until 11:30 pm, then head into the Valley for a Rump and Veggies”. He grins, adding “By the time we finished that, we would pick up the Sunday Mail straight off the press, before driving home. They were fun times”.

Vince also had a lot of interest in model electric trains. With his son Michael, step children Trisha (dec), Robert, Mark, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren, Vince is a happy, contented, easy going Gentleman. He’s even happier when he gets out and about on his bright red Scooter. Way to go Vince !!!

This Month’s Activities

Fathers Day Morning Tea – 3rd September 10.30am

We will be celebrating Fathers Day in Stanford and Wentworth, with a special Morning Tea. The raffle will be drawn in Wentworth, during the morning. Come along and join your loved ones for a cuppa.

Wentworth Craft (Making Masks to Celebrate Brazil Day) – 7th September 10:30am

We will be testing our creative abilities, using bright colours, feathers and beads to make interesting masks.

Standford Chocolate Milkshake Day – 12th September 10:40am

Who doesn’t like Chocolate Milkshakes? The residents will try their hand at making their own.

Wentworth and Standford Residents Outing – 13th September 10:00am

Our residents have been invited to another facility in the Redlands Community for Morning Tea.

Wentworth Celebration for our Residents 100th Birthday – 27th September 10:30am

We will be having a High Tea for Maureen, with friends and fellow residents to celebrate this wonderful milestone.

A visit to Eden Farm – 29th September 10:40am

With the warmer weather approaching, it’s time to visit the Farm. If you haven’t been to this wonderful place, you’re most welcome to come along.


5th Doug
10th Kris
14th Vince
15th Rosalind
17th Audrey
27th Allan
27th Maureen
29th May