Last month our Redland City Aged Care residents had a very busy August with lots of events such as various entertainment, Ekka luncheons and indoor bowls as well as Father’s day celebrations.

Ekka Luncheons at Wellington Park

Residents of Wellington Park celebrated Ekka Day with a typical show style lunch of hot dogs and strawberry ice creams. Some Ekka trivia and a few games brought lots of laughter, and even the staff got into the swing of things dressing up for the occasion. Plus, Council member Tracey Huges dropped by just in time to enjoy the traditional strawberry ice cream with our residents.

Welcome Kerri Morning Tea

This morning we welcomed our new Lifestyle team member, Kerri to Wellington Park. Our kitchen provided a scrumptious high tea for the residents and Kerri.

We heard some speeches, extended our greetings, and we sang many songs. Followed by some getting to know you, and some delighted residents. Welcome, Kerri.

Indoor Bowls

Bowling spectacular is what happens when our residents are in action. Their skills are improving to a level where they think they’re pretty good, so we might have to set up a challenge within the facility… Let the games begin!


Today our residents were treated to a new entertainer on the block. Her name is Bev, and she had everyone singing along to all those upbeat songs of the 50’s and 60’s with some of the favourites from the Beatles and The Seekers. We all look forward to her return. Great entertainment, Bev.

Outdoor Gardening

Today residents took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and enjoyed gardening in the courtyard. We planted seedlings in pots and cuttings of some favourite plants such as geraniums and strawberries in the raised garden bed. We finished with some trivia and fun facts, all said they enjoyed the morning and look forward to doing it again.

Father’s Day Morning Tea

The Father’s Day morning tea was enjoyed by all who attended, lots of laughter with Dad jokes and trivia while the Lifestyle staff entertained the residents with a funny rendition of an old song. The fantastic kitchen staff provided beautiful platters for all to enjoy.

Prizes and a personalised gift were given out to the Dads, and the Father’ Day raffle provided some delighted winners. We took many Funny photos, although our furry friend Mr Fatz was not impressed.

What a GREAT morning!

This Month’s Activities

Ladies Group

Ladies group will be introduced this month with lovely table settings and time to reminisce.

New Entertainer

A new entertainer, Paul will show his skills with the ukulele and piano.

Women’s Friendship Group

Women’s Friendship Group is a time for the ladies to reflect or chat.

Eden Farm

Residents can have a Buggy ride to visit the animals.

Musical Memories

This very colourful group will be here to entertain and delight our residents with many costume changes.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour will have all the jokes flowing.

Chi Kung

To keep those bodies tuned.


5th Douglas
10th Kris
14th Vince
15th Rosalind
17th Audrey
20th Anne
27th Allan