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Anniversary Celebration, High Tea & Activities

Anniversay celebration

Residents gathered for an afternoon tea to celebrate Colleen and Brian’s 53rd wedding Anniversary. We all enjoyed listening to how they met and their special wedding day.

Ladies High Tea

A group of ladies came to enjoy the themed Valentine’s Day High tea. Conversations flowing as each person described how special the setting was with table adorned with red hearts, table cloths and 3 tiered platters. Soft music in the background for a wonderful time to chat and enjoy others company and to be waited upon by the Lifestyle staff to serve tea and coffee.

Couples afternoon tea

Couples came together for a very special afternoon tea some residents love ones where unable to make the occasion so the residents daughters joined in with their mother, making the afternoon tea even more special. Topic of conversation as asked by the lifestyle staff about frost dates and when they had gotten married.

Valentines craft

Ladies gathered together to use their creativity to make these hearts. Mary was so proud of her efforts and wanted her photo to be taken. She has this on her wheelie walker and goes with her every day. It has a special place in her own heart.

Bush pantry cafe outing

Community outing trip was to the local café with Stanford and Wentworth residents enjoying a morning tea and viewing the beautiful bushlands that surrounds the café from the veranda. We look forward to going to some more café’s in the Redlands area in the coming months.

Music beats program with Wynnum Family Daycare

Residents gathered around on chairs in a big circle while the Children from Wynnum family Daycare arrived sitting on the carpet ready for their fortnightly music program. Residents got involved with the program joining in singing along to the Music therapist with nursery rhymes and songs using instruments that the children and handed out. Ribbon dancing was a massive success residents and children enjoyed the interaction with each other. We are looking forward to our next family Daycare visit as it will be a seated Yoga class.

Topaz courtyard afternoon tea

Doesn’t the table and centre piece flower arrangement look amazing? This is the setting for this group of ladies to chat and engage with others and enjoy their surrounds in the garden. Tea tastes so different in tea cups and bring back lots of memories of the good old days.

This Month’s Activities

Garden Party – 5th March, 10.30 am

Residents of Stanford will join together for a garden party.

WPPC Dance Troupe – 6th March, 10.30 am

Residents will come and learn basis seated Hip Hop moves to showcase at the end of year staff celebrations.

QAG Art Tour – 11th March, 9.00 am

Residents will view 4 pieces of Art on a guided Tour then they will get the opportunity to do their own piece of art with a Art Therapist.

Flower Arrangement – 13th March, 2.30 pm

Residents of Stanford will arrange a beautiful arrangement of flowers to display around the building

Saint Paddy’s day party – 17th March, 2.00 pm

Residents of Stanford and Wentworth will come together for an afternoon Saint Paddy’s day celebration.

Music Therapy with Leah Lever – 19th March, 10.30 am

Music Therapy session with Leah will have the residents singing like they are starting off in a choir group using instruments to make the morning therapy session sound amazing.

Scenic trip around Redlands – 25th March, 2.30 pm

Residents will enjoy a scenic trip around Redlands but stopping at McDonald’s first for the delicious ice cream cone.

Poetry with Peter – 31st March, 10.30 am

Residents of Stanford will enjoy an interactive Poetry reading session viewing as will on the TV screen and hearing some well known poems.


9th Ivan. N
9th James. R
11th Pauline. L
16th Ellis. S
23rd Mildred. A
31st Ruby. H